Vacation..our way.

Hubby took time off work.  Can you believe it?  That never happens around here.

We started thinking about going on vacation last year at Christmas time.  Normally, we don’t go anywhere away for more than on day.  Hubby was game and even excited about it.  We were celebrating our 30th anniversary this year and he thought now was as good of a time as any.  We started talking about Mount Rushmore, Washington D.C. and other places….then came my 50th birthday in December and plans to do anything quickly faded away.

Medically for me it’s been an awful year.

After the thyroid removal and the thyroid cancer this spring and now the foot surgery, I’ve not been able to go on vacation.

Hubby decided we’d just do a stay-cation instead.  So Thursday through Sunday he took off.  Thursday was his “work around the house day”.  He got some fun stuff done.  I’m saving that report for another blog post.  Friday we had planned to go to the antique show in Oronocco, MN but it rained and rained.  Now we were stuck not knowing what we wanted to do.  The antique show was over the weekend too so we started to decided how to re-adjust plans.

There was an auction on Saturday and one on Sunday too.  We decided to attend the auction preview on Friday night of the Saturday auction.  Being we were going to Decorah, Hubby looked to see if there were any garage sales…yes.  There were two he wanted to attend.  So off we went.

First garage sale….we couldn’t find it.  The address must have been wrong.  Then we went to two of my thrift stores…nothing there.  Then we went to Waukon because there was suppose to be an estate sale there….again, bad address.  UGH.  The lack of finds and the bad weather was getting us down.  Next up…the auction preview.

I’ve told you before, antique furniture is my weakness.  Just look at all the goodies.


I loved this…

The small table…LOVE!

Okay…now you have me.  I’ve wanted one of these really bad.  I’ve even bid on them before.  This one was awesome.


Don’t forget the spool cabinet.


Vintage baskets…LOVE!


Oh…and these quilted items…


and old wall mount that too.


This desk was awesome!


These cute little dressers….everything was walnut too.  My favorite wood.


Of course a treadle too.


There you have it.  Easy decision.  We’d go to the auction, right?

WRONG.  Walking out I said to Hubby, “Wow, they had lots of nice pieces!”

He said, “Yep…too bad we don’t have a place for any of it.”

UGH.  He’s right.  We don’t.  I promise I could have found a place for that sewing cabinet though.

If I had insisted I’m sure we could have went to the auction but Hubby was actually right.  Nothing there was really better than what we already have…and we really don’t have room.

With that we were off to get groceries and then supper out.  If you’re ever in the area, Fort Atkinson has a great little bar and grill called The Fort.  I recommend it.

At supper we decided that we’d head to Oronocco the next day…I’ll save that story for tomorrow.

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  1. What nice pieces. Somehow even just oohing and awing over antiques is a pleasure, though it is hard to leave them. The old wood and craftsmanship is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

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