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First off, thanks everyone for the well wishes and nice comments about being designers in Moda’s upcoming book, “Sweet Celebrations”.

About a year ago when I was visiting Country Threads I bought this pattern…. “A Gentle Life“.

A Gentle Life Pattern by Threads That Bind

I have loved it and wanted to do it but was a bit intimidated about using Transfer-Eze to transfer the embroidery design.  Well I finally decided to give it a try….and so far EASY!

First I prepared the cloth washing, ironing, putting interfacing on the back and stitching the outline line.  Then it was off the the printer.  I ran the Transfer Eze through the printer.

I peeled off the backing paper.

I lined the line on the Transfer Eze and the line of the fabric.  Then I pressed into place.

Now it’s all transferred and I am ready to stitch.

I am told that once I stitch the letters down, I can put the project in water and the transfer eze will disappear!

So far…so good.  This has been my traveling project so it’s not progressing fast, but at this point, I am happy with any progress!!  I have the first two works stitched…Go Jo Go!!!

Stop back later today and I’ll show you what Kelli and I were working on yesterday! We both got LOTS done and have great projects to show.

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  1. Congrats on the inclusion in the book. Just letting you know that i made the disappearing 9 patch from Moda Bake shop and it is as easy and fast as you said, I know that i will be making it again. Congrats to both you and Kelli so well deserved

  2. No fair teasing us with quilts yet to come. . .I got to clean in my sewing room yesterday, but it was supper time just when I started to actually sew. . .now I will be checking your blog regularly to see what you and Kelli got done!

  3. Congrats on the book! I, too have been looking at using transfer eze. I look forward to hearing how it works out for you. Also looking forward to seeing what you girls have been busy doing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Jo,
    I just want to let you know Transfer-Ez is wonderful stuff but….because it does dissolve in water, humidity also makes the process start. In other words it gets sticky and then when it cools it gets hard. Keep it in a ziplock baggie if you are going to use it to travel. Transfer-Ez has been a life saver, so much nicer than the lightbox and dissolvable ink!


  5. I have been using TRANSFER EZE for about a year, and love, love, love! I did have one minor catastrophe tho…the seal broke on my handi wipes, which was in my embroidery bag, and my embroidery absorbed the liquid out of the wipes container…and the TE partially dissolved/shrank. I decided to fasten off my threaded needle and wash the piece, then i could press it and reapply to design over my stitches…? Unfortunately, there must have been a chemical reaction between the TE and the wipes, and maybe the iron on PELLON I use for a lining, for my entire piece of muslin was covered with a sticky, permanent film…which also attracted every piece of lint in the wash. I ended up throwing the whole thing out and starting over, but fortunately, i only had one day of stitching invested! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND STORING YOUR WORK IN A PLASTIC BAG! Love the TE tho, wont do without it!

  6. Hi Jo: I have tried Transfer-Eze and like it. I did have one minor problem. I ended up with an ink mark on my project – I usually use an Epson printer because the ink dries well and doesn’t usually run in water but I was not at home when I printed my project and so couldn’t use my printer. It won’t come out so will have to do the project again – glad it wasn’t really big. Good luck with yours.

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