Using My Head to Save My Feet

When I was a kid, my mom always told me….
“Use your head and save your feet.”  Typically she told me this as a way to get me to think ahead or to multi-task.  Sunday I did just that.

Remember this little pile of fat quarters I bought?

When I purchased them they were all rolled up like this.  I don’t store mine rolled.  I store them folded.  I started taking the rubber bands off, folding and putting them away.  Then I stopped….Wait!  I need to cut out the next step of my “Odds and Ends” quilt….It’s just scrappy so why not use these?…


And I need to cut out circles for my trivet and GIVEAWAY


….So I started cutting as I was putting the fat quarters away.  Well my fat quarters are closer to fat eighths, my circles are cut and more of quilt blocks are cut…oh, the fat quarters are folded and put away too.

Mom would be so proud.   I used my head and saved my feet!

7 thoughts on “Using My Head to Save My Feet”

  1. I need to make one of those odds and ends blocks and hang it near my cutting table to remind me to keep those naroow bits together with the hst peices. It’s a nice look.

    1. My daughter Kelli and I keep saying that we need to take pictures or patterns of quilts and hang them by our sewing machine. Maybe then we won’t be tempted to sew projects that aren’t our “to die for” projects. Jo

  2. ooough what a great start on those odds & ends blocks! I la,la,loved that quilt the first moment I saw it in my magazine! Lucky you to be able to start making it…. me? I have too many other ‘in progress” to even think about starting. But I sure love “researching” ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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