Yesterday I blogged about my carpenter woes….here’s the update for today….

About a half hour after I published yesterday’s blog post the carpenter left!  UGH!  I was cranky.  It was too early to go for lunch but he left his tools so I was hopeful that he was returning…about 2 hours later he showed up again.  He managed to get a few things done.  I now have a door with trim and the a window with trim!


..no floor board trim but at this point, I’m trying to be thankful for what I get.  It’s about time for the carpenter to show up again so my fingers are crossed…could it be?  A carpenter for TWO days in a row?

Here another update….
I posted a cookie recipe last week.  It was SIMPLE.  The ingredients were just one spice cake mix and one small can of pumpkin (nothing else).  I was up early this morning and made them adding raisins and sunflower seeds.  They are fabulous.

My family (except for Kayla)  isn’t big on raisins in cookies….but I like raisins and my college daughter, Kayla, is coming home for a visit and I knew she’d eat cookies with raisins and nuts so I gave it a try.  My other kids ate them with no complaints besides…”raisins?  Really Mom?”  I said yes and then she ate another one.  So even my non-raisin eaters were eating them…they are just that good.

My fingers are still crossed and the carpenter still isn’t here….but I’m still hopeful….

3 thoughts on “Updates….”

  1. Is that carpenter a relative? Or someone you absolutely cannot replace or already been paid? You are much more patient than me. I’d have fired him a long time ago. LOL

  2. Hmmmm, next time do the baking while the workman is there, offer him some and mention what you will be baking the next day! See if he comes back any faster! ! !

  3. I hear the carpenter woes….I was experiencing a wee bit of that with my kitchen cabinets this past two weeks! It is finally done and he is finally GONE!

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