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First off, let me apologize to all of you who tried to access the blog yesterday and had troubles.  Here’s what happened….

Recntly Kelli and I got new debit cards for our joint account.  Well as you all know, that means all the accounts linked to that card that have automatic payments have to be updated.  We completely forgot about paying Dreamhost for the blog….the email for all of that goes to Kelli and somehow she missed the email that said the account needed to be updated so Dreamhost cancelled our account which cancelled the blog temporarily until we paid the bill. UGH!!

With Kelli and I both working, we couldn’t get things straightened out and corrected.  Thankfully Kayla had a few minutes to spare and gave it up to save the blog….The bill is paid.  It’s all up and running again.

If  you saw this message…..

Trust me, you weren’t the only one.  On top of trying to deal with getting it up we had a BUNCH of messages in our in box telling us we had a problem and now today even more messages.  Some of you may have to do a little reset.  If you had the site saved somewhere before and still got the above message today, have no fear.  Follow this link www.joscountryjunction.com.  You will likely need to save a new bookmark….or you might have to use a different browser instead.  It seams that Google Chrome is one of the biggest problems.  To get it to work, you’re likely going to have to “reset your cookies”.   UGH….Trust me, I didn’t want this pain either!

People have had no problem if they view the blog on a smart phone or if they look at the site on their tablet.  I don’t know the explanation for all of that, but that’s what I’ve been hearing from readers.

Next Update:  My Foot.

My foot is good…not perfect but really, really good.


I can honestly say that my foot feels better than it has for the last year and a half.  I had no idea that the first original surgery had been so “not right”.  I had that surgery on August 4th, and never felt like things were better.  People would ask about my foot and I would simply say, “I traded on pain for a new pain”.  That was the truth.

Right now, I do have some discomfort but that’s only on days when I don’t get it up a little bit during the day.  I can tell when I haven’t as the foot swells a little and then there’s discomfort.  I’ve even been able to take Ruby on a few walks.  We aren’t into a regular walking schedule yet but I feel like we are a little bit closer to that happening.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes as I’ve muddled through it all.

Some of you knew that Carver was having a little bit of troubles with colds and kicking them.


Kalissa ended up taking him to the specialist and Carver has what they are calling childhood asthma…or that’s at least how they are treating him.  Craig has asthma and more difficulties as a child then he does now so we had suspected it before.  It’s okay, we aren’t worried about him.  Now Kalissa and Craig know about it and can deal with it appropriately.

He is totally on the move.  He is army crawling and sitting up lots.  He isn’t very good at eating baby food but getting better.  His favorite trick at my house is to dump over Ruby’s water bowl and crawl through it.  The stinker has done it a couple times.  He loves water!

One more thing….
You might remember that a quilt that Cheryl worked on and was sent to House of Hope was given to “J”.  She ended up being diagnosed with terminal cancer sadly, “J” passed away early Tuesday morning. She was surrounded by people who loved her.

The blog post that published this morning, actually happened in real life over a month ago so “J” was able to love on and enjoy the quilt that Cheryl and Amy worked so hard to complete.


4 thoughts on “Updates…Blog, Foot and More”

  1. Jo, re-bookmarking your website… even though I got the “site not found” picture totally worked. Bookmarked it anyway, then when I clicked on it I got your blog just fine. Who knew?! Keep up the good work!

  2. Our youngest son also had childhood asthma. We were told his was virus induced. It wasn’t easy giving the treatments and all that, but we got use to it. but he was a happy little boy. Good luck to them and if they ever have any questions or need to talk I am here for support.
    Glad to hear your foot is doing better.

  3. Glad to see things are up and running my day wasn’t the same ! So very sorry to here about J . Happy to here the quilt was given to her.

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