Updates and a Winner!

In today’s post I mentioned my dislike of paper piecing…It seems many of you have the same dislike.  I did get a wonderful comment from Vivian, suggestion I try a method using freezer paper that can be found here.  Vivian is planning to use the method to tackle her paper pieced UFO (see #4 in this post)  It looks like a great project!  Once I ever try paper piecing again, I think this is the method I will try.  It makes it seem more do-able.

Now onto the winner of the $50 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop.  Random Number Generator picked #139…Lynn who said, “My quilty gift was an AccuQuilt GO!  I did give two quilts, so I guess it was a pretty quilty Christmas”.

Being you got a GO! Lynn, you might want to check out my GO! tutorial section.

Thanks so much to Kimberly for sponsoring the giveaway…everyone seems to love to win goodies.  When you’re shopping online, make sure to stop by the Fat Quarter Shop.  They have great service and are so generous to all of us.

On Saturday, Bonnie Hunter is hosting a Garage Sale link up party.  You can read more about it here.  I am planning on having some garage sale goodies here for you check out so make sure to stop by.  Make sure you’re up bright and early to get the best deals.

6 thoughts on “Updates and a Winner!”

  1. I think I’ve done that technique, or one very much like it. Our quilt group at church made a Mariner’s Compass quilt and used freezer paper and folding it but even though I’ve done it and it worked, I’m still not sure I can wrap my head around the whole thing well enough to repeat the process myself.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jo! As I told you, I love the freezer paper method (and thanks to Madame Sam and Elaine for bringing it to my attention) because it will definitely allow me to do more PP projects in the future.

  3. Jo i just disvover something. My docter used to save the end of a roll of the paper they use on the examing table for me to used as tracing paper I cut off apiece and it work like a charm I put a small amount of glue stick at the top and pasted it to a copy paper and it printed just great. Don’ know if it will go thru the printed by itself self or not I am using it now for my strings blocks I am working on, I just don’t like the ink on the telephone pages you might ask your doctor to save his unused paper they use on the examing table It would be free. I have change Doctor so Need to have a talk with my new doctor. Thought I would tell you about it.

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