Update on West Texas Quilts

Today I was reading Judy at Patchwork Times‘ blog.  She did an update on the quilts that went to West, Texas.  Follow this link to read the whole story.


This quilt is one of the quilts that I quilted.  This top was made by Susan.  She said she made the top 18 years ago and was actually the first quilt she pieced.  Isn’t that neat that a quilt top sitting in Susan’s closet went to me in Iowa and then Hilary and now to the lady in the photo.  It about brings tears to my eyes to know so many people in the world are working towards good.  To often all we hear about it the bad.

It was fun looking at the pictures on Judy’s blog knowing that’s a quilt I worked on..and that one too.  Those of you who donated might find it fun to see your quilt in the stacks.

Remember if you have quilt tops sitting in your closet that you are no longer interested in and want them quilted and donated, I really don’t mind doing that for you.  I am happy to quilt them, then send them where ever you want them to go be it a tragedy, the Ronald McDonald house, a benefit or to Quilts of Valor.  I am honored to be part of a link that is working towards good.  Don’t feel like you have to provide batting or backing.  I’ll do that if you don’t have it.  Don’t feel that they have to be perfectly pieced either.  People are who are in need are happy to get what you donate.  Here’s my email address if you want to contact me-  rogjok@iowatelecom.net

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!!

9 thoughts on “Update on West Texas Quilts”

  1. It was wonderful of you to do all that quilting. It is awful to have such disasters happening and feels better to be doing something rather than sit moaning about it.

  2. Jo–you are amazing—I know that some of your good heart will come back to you in spades….I wish the news would focus on the good that Americans like you do everyday ..God Bless….

  3. Pat C in Washingon

    I saw my two quilts that you quilted – bless you for doing this! What great work for little reward other than the thanks of your fellow humans. We do appreciate you and your efforts.

  4. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Thanks for sharing the West, Texas, link. Didn’t see my quilts in the pile, but I know they are there – vbg. Now to get some finished up for Moore, OK.

  5. Jo this is more than generous of you. I’m working now on two ice cream quilts for the 1st/2nd graders at Moore. They are having an ice cream social on August 7th… Sandi

  6. I have been thinking of donating some quilts I have made. When you folks donate, do you put labels on them?

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