Update on the Pukers

Here’s a really fast update on the pukers.

Gannon and Georgia started puking Saturday afternoon.  I took Georgie to bed at about 10.  She coughed the puked about 4 more times until 1 am when she finally slept for the night.  No puking since but she was slow and tired all of Sunday…pretty content to watch television.

By Sunday morning this was the view from Kalissa’s house.  Carver was puking and so was Kalissa.

One of my childcare kiddos was puking too.  I called off childcare for today.  I have laundry to do and I just want to be cautious not knowing how long the bug lasts after the puking ends.  I wish bugs came with a warning label.  How long are they contagious?  At what point are they most contagious?  When are you “in the clear”?

I checked in with Kayla.  She, like me, both had a sour stomach but neither of us knew if we were being paranoid thinking we were getting sick or if we were actually sick.

Kayla did have a new development though.  Check out her eye…
She woke up that way.  So she was off to urgent care so this could be taken care of before working today.

Craig is now sick.
Georgie and Gannon have fevers.
Kayla is not feeling well and is staying home.
Oh my.  This is a wicked highly contagious bug so I’m keeping Georgia here with me until she has no fever for a minimum of 24 hours.

Karl was supposed to come yesterday but I said absolutely not.  He was going to till the garden.  He could have stayed outside the whole time but I told him to just cancel.

Thankfully we’re on the mend.  I’m hoping we can stay that way.

In all of the hoopla of the busyness around here, I put the wrong link to Kalissa’s “Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin'” shirt.  Kalissa is trying out an option that isn’t Etsy.  Her Etsy shop is HERE
but Etsy takes a big cut of profits.

She tried something special for this shirt so the correct link HERE.  This way, there is no extra cut.

Kalissa asked me to thank all who have ordered…She’s been loving this little side business.  I’m campaigning for another sewing shirt.  We’ll see if she listens.  Kalissa is trying really hard to accommodate people’s wishes.  She did order a few v-neck shirts for people who asked.  She has just a very limited quantity in stock.  You can contact her at kalissageorgia@hotmail.com, if you’re interested or have a special request.

So..that’s the update.  I do have a post about what I’m working on.  Catch that later in the week.

10 thoughts on “Update on the Pukers”

  1. Love the title! Keeping it real and I love that about your blog! When my nephew was little he would say ” bomb it ” instead of vomit which I thought was quite appropriate! Hope all are mending in “Kramerville.”

  2. I remember having a family party and the 4 little grandchildren stayed for the night. One started vomiting at 10pm and by morning everyone was sick. It was awful. All the adults caught it and that day was miserable. Get a nap today, you need your sleep too. Hope everyone gets well quickly.

  3. We had the stomach flu run through our school a few weeks ago. My daughter and I have been fighting styes for months. I think it is from masks and have read a little about an increase in styes since we have all been wearing them. Enjoy those new babies!

  4. Happy to hear the kids are on the mends and hopefully you won’t get the bug. I am sure you are anxious to see the twins and Kelli probably wants to see her daughter. Take care of everybody or should I say continue taking care of everybody!

  5. Ugh!! That’s terrible news about that nasty bug, Jo! I’m just glad that NO ONE went over to help with the twins!!! Hopefully, you and Kayla will continue to avoid the ickiest part of this virus and that everyone else will feel better soon.

  6. If masks are “causing” styes, I suggest you wash them more often (or don’t reuse disposible ones). Keep your hands away from your eyes. Styes are a staph infection.

  7. The rule of thumb we’d always heard, starting from pre-school, is that a child had to be 24 hours fever-free and vomit-free before going back into school. We now apply that to everything.

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