Update on the Property Next Door

Remember awhile ago I told you that the property next door was for sale?  I wrote about it in this blog post.

In the photo beyond the fence, you can see my dying garden.  Beyond that is grapevines and the brown building.  The grapes and the brown building are part of the adjoining double lot property next to ours.  It came for sale in late May.  For a long time we have been hoping to be able to buy it.  The people who were selling it owned the house kiddie-corner from it and had used it as their garage as the house didn’t have a garage.  We offered to purchase it but they wouldn’t sell it to us as they wanted the people who might potentially buy the house to have a chance at that property hoping having the property with the garage might sweeten a potential buyer.

So we waited hoping that the people who bought the house might not want the property….but alas.  The buyers do want the property.


The good news is that we like the home buyers and are certain that they will be taking good care of the property.  The buyers have already been living just down the street from us and we’ve liked them and had them over to our house.  If we couldn’t get the property, they are the perfect people to have gotten it.

Long tern they have a goal of building an attached garage onto the house and then they will make the decision on whether to keep the adjacent property or not.

Today he was out trimming up the trees and making them look so much better.  He was out trimming up the tree that was rubbing on our garage too.   He still has to clean up the trimmed branches but I almost can’t recognize that as the same tree!

They said that the grape vines will be coming out and that they are reseeding that area to grass.

They also said that the childcare kids can run around and play over there too.  I am so thankful for the invitation.  The previous owner was not so friendly or welcoming.

We didn’t get our dream, at least for now, of owning the adjacent land but we did get the next best thing…an awesome neighbor!

2 thoughts on “Update on the Property Next Door”

  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Maybe if they decide to sell it they will give you first refusal.
    Good neighbours are a treasure to cherish.

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