Update on the Flu…

Well…this was a doozy of the flu.  Kalissa’s house is still pretty sick.  Gannon is the worst.  He never takes any type of sickness well.

Kalissa says she is DEEP in laundry as everyone has puked on everything.  No blanket or pillow has made it through.  Worst, now they have a cough to go with it.

Georgie is still here with me.  I’m hoping she might be able to go home tonight or tomorrow or Thursday.  It all depends on her temperature.  She’s had one all of Sunday and Monday.  I’m watching it today to see what happens with it.  We kind of decided that she needed to be temperature-free for a minimum of 24 hours and then we’d talk about the possibility of coming home.

I thought I’d share some pictures with you of our family hang out from Friday night before any of us knew the next day few days we’d all be sick.

Kayla didn’t bring Jasper with her.  He has been diagnosed with virus-induced asthma.  So if he gets a simple cold virus, he could end up hospitalized again.  She decided to play Auntie big time and brought a couple of card games to teach Carver.  HE LOVED IT.

These are the two games.  I highly recommend both to anyone who enjoys games like old-fashioned spoons.  Remember that game from being a kid?  There were spoons and cards.

First up is Spot It.  The game is so easy.  You divide the cards between who is playing.  You flip up one card in the middle.  Each player picks up one of their cards.  They try to match something on their card to the card in the middle.  They say, the name of the object that matches.  In the case below, you’d say “ladybug”.   Once you match you pick up another card and try to match again.  The first one who can match all of their cards wins.

The game was super fun, easy and quick.  The one you see above is the version Kayla brought.  There are other versions too…like Frozen.  Find that HERE.

I think I am going to buy this version for my childcare kiddos.  See, all numbers and shapes.  You can find it HERE.

There are lots of different versions from Harry Potter to Camping to Baseball to just the original game.  You can find them all HERE.  This is a great game to take camping or to have in your purse for just in case.  The best thing of all, as an adult, I loved playing it too.  It only takes five minutes or so for a round.  It’s easy to let kids win when you play too.  Once Christmas comes around, this is the PERFECT stocking stuffer.

The other came I liked even better.  It was Blink.  The cards are dealt out.  Two cards are flipped over in the middle.  You pick up three cards.  You need to match the card in middle by either
-the shape
-the color
-the number of objects on the card
The first one done with their cards wins.

You can find the game HERE.  This game is VERY kid-friendly.  Carver who is four LOVED it.  I, at 55, loved it.  I went to the computer to order both of the games and Kayla laughed and told me she ordered them for me.  This game is only $6.  Again great to have with at a family picnic when the kids are bored…great for camping…great stocking stuffer.

My favorite games are always games I like to play and the kids like to play.  There were perfect!!

While we were playing cards, Kalissa was making pizza.  She’s trying to make pizza as I make it.  She said my pizza can’t die with me so she’s been volunteering to cook the pizza when she is here.

We did something completely out of the ordinary for us.  When we had pizza we ate in the living room.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  The reason is Kayla’s school kids for her old school were putting on Cinderella as their musical.  We all wanted to see it so, we had a treat…pizza and a musical.  SO FUN!

It’s a good thing we had such a fun night before we all got contaminated and got sick.

Each day we’re closer to better and each day Georgie is closer to going home and meeting those little brothers of hers.  Kelli did take the boys in for a weight check…all is well with them.  That’s quite the stroller she has…right??

I am so anxious to see them…soon I keep telling myself, soon.

11 thoughts on “Update on the Flu…”

  1. I’m glad your family is doing better!

    I understood what you meant about the pantry. My problem is not using things, and having them expire. They say you can still use them, but I shouldn’t let that happen in the first place.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a “prepper”! I bet during the beginning of the “lock downs”, people were glad they had food stashed away.

  2. Good to hear people are starting to feel better. I am like you, I keep a stocked pantry. I just always have. We are only about 20 minutes from a Wal-Mart, but was sure glad it was stocked when the covid hit! Hang in there. You are doing a great job!

  3. The games look fun and the pizza looks great! Glad you had some fun family time before everyone got sick. Glad Kelli’s boys are doing well.

  4. I too keep a very well stocked pantry and freezer. Always have and probably always will. I need to get better at using what I have so I love your challenge. Glad everyone is starting to feel better. The game Blink was recommended by a therapist for my Dad after his stroke. I’ll have to make sure my Mom has it this summer when we visit so we can play.

  5. Hope everyone gets well soon! I would love to try the home-made piZa, did you already share the recipe? The games look like fun as well, will have to order them.

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