Update on the Charity Quilt

Blog readers often send their quilt tops to be quilted and then donated to a needy cause.  Rarely do any of the senders tell us information about the quilt top.  That was the case with this quilt top that I told you about on Friday.

I loved the top immediately when I saw it.  This one got sent on to Cheryl in Dallas to finish.  She added borders onto it to make it bigger and ended up looking like this.

I still loved it.  The design caught my eye as it’s strong design that anyone, could appreciate.

Well after the blog post about the quilt aired, a comment came and an email came.  It read:
Jo, this is my quilt pattern!!! It is free on my website http://www.quilterchickdesigns.com. Look under the free patterns tab — it is called Be Mine. I offered it to my local guild and a group of quilters that attend Drift Creek Camp. Interesting that it showed up here. I’d love to find out who the gals are who made it. Please let your readers know they can make the pattern as well. I’d just appreciate credit for the design. Thanks for all you do! Joyce Dean Gieszler aka quilterchickdesigns”

WOW.  I sure would have been surprised if I were Joyce to see my pattern show up on another’s blog!

Here is the link to Joyce’s blog.  If you’re looking for the pattern, you’ll find it in the free patterns section.

Here is the original quilt.  (photos courtesy of Joyce’s blog)

I ended up investigating Joyce’s site and was impressed to see she’s a published author with C&T Publishing.  She has authored these books.

Then and Now Quilts

Fantastic Stash Quilts

I gotta say, I was super surprised to know that an quilt pattern author was reading our blog.  I was even more surprised when I saw that she had bought our book and made one of our quilts.
I LOVE her version of our quilt.  It looks WAY better scrappy (in my opinion!)

How fun was all of this!!  I honestly don’t get time to get out and read many blogs but…I always feel terrible about that!  Look what I’ve been missing!!

So if you want to make your own quilt like the charity quilt, the pattern is free over at Joyce’s blog…she’s got pictures of lots of other fun quilts.  Her blog is definitely worth a stop.  I’m adding it my blog roll which is found on the right hand column near the bottom.

6 thoughts on “Update on the Charity Quilt”

  1. “Added a border to make it bigger”. AMAZING amount of work in that border. So fabulous that she invested so much time in that border. Those square in squares really give this quilt a big bang!

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so generous of time and resources to make such a beautiful charity quilt.

  2. It is always amazing the different looks that are created by choosing your own colors. One is delicate the other striking. So glad To be directed to her blog.

  3. How wonderful to have the designer of the pattern reach out to you and then to all of us. I will go check out her site, loved that pattern. Thanks for the info

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