Update on the Babies…

On Friday Kelli got a call from the hospital.  She had plans to go up that day and visit the boys.  The nurse was calling with an update and said the boys could likely go home Saturday as in TODAY!!

We were all shocked.  We were sure it would be another week.  WOW.  We weren’t ready for this.  Everyone started scrambling and changing plans.  Kelli had to get to the hospital ASAP to get things in place for going home.  Consent forms needed to be signed.  She had to go through some more premie education stuff.

She dropped Georgie off with me with plans she would stay overnight.

One at the hospital she snapped some pictures…Emmett…

…and Eli.

Kayla came home Friday night.  Kalissa and the boys came.  We all had supper.  It was a nice night.

Saturday morning Kalissa and Kayla went shopping.  I volunteered to stay home with the boys and Georgie.

They got back and we ate lunch together.  As we ate we made plans.

We were planning to go to Kelli’s get pictures and bring them supper.  It was a logistic mess with car seats, a crib that needed to be delivered, and Kayla needing to drive back to her house after the visit.

Well, all of that changed half an hour later when Gannon started puking…Georgie was already laid down and sleeping.  Gannon had to have a bath and I started in with the laundry.  He managed to hit enough stuff that there were three loads of laundry.

Kalissa went home with the boys.  We got update after update from Kalissa.  It was not good.  Gannon was really sick.

Kayla and I started reevaluating wondering if we should probably all stay put.  No seeing the babies for any of us.  UGH.

The nap time was over.  Georgie woke up and you guessed it, Georgie started puking.

Well, that cancelled all plans.  Georgie will be with me until at least Monday.  I’m not letting her go home and have Kelli have to deal with this plus exposing all of them.  Oh my.

I’ve said we are an “all hands on deck” kind of family.  Here we go with another round of it.  So far, VERY LUCKILY, Georgie has hit the bucket.

So if you don’t hear much from me in the next few days, it’s that I’m behind being I’m not getting anything done now which is A-okay.  We’re hanging on the couch watching Little Mermaid.

Kelli did share some pictures…

Eli on the left…Emmett on the right.

Heading home…

Trying out the new stroller.

So that’s the update.  I good off Tuesday and Thursday so I could go over and help.  I’m so hoping I don’t end up with the flu.  I’ll keep you updated the best I can but if I miss a blog post, no worrying.  I’m just busy taking care of my village…

19 thoughts on “Update on the Babies…”

  1. Sorry to hear that Gannon and Georgie are sick, and hope it doesn’t last long. Yes, hope you stay healthy so you will get to visit the twins. The twins are adorable! So are the others. Love the color of Georgie’s hair, so pretty.

  2. Well, just God bless and keep your village!! Hopefully all will settle down and this episode will just be a hick up and soon peace will reign again in Kramerville!! Sending best wishes to you all. Those babies are so dang cute!!

  3. I love the way you all gather together, pitch in, hand off tasks and manage to plow through whatever life throws at you so successfully! You are so lucky to live near each other.

  4. Time is such a precious commodity for you, so thank you for the update and all the pictures. Keeping all of you in prayer.

  5. Wohoo Emmett and Eli!!!!!!! Home Home Home.

    I love your village. All for one and one for all doing what protects the majority best.

    Best of luck getting Gannon and Georgie well and ya’ll not getting their bug!

    Cheers to the ever growing Kramer clan

  6. Judith Fairchild

    So glad Eli and Emmet got to come home. Praying in Jesus name for Georgia and Gannon to get well quickly and that no one else gets sick. Be momma and grandma to your family we can wait. Love and prayers Judith

  7. well in keeping with the silver lining of earlier in the day, the earlier than expected going home for the boys is great positive news and Georgie’s becoming ill and having to stay with Nana while Momma and Daddy get settled in with the newest members of the family is really a more relaxed situation. Now when Gerogie is better and can go home things will be a bit more settled. Congratulations on some really handsome fellows. They certainly do not look a bit preemie, do they ??

  8. So good to hear the twins are home. I am making a baby blanket in their honor and donating it to Project Linus. God Bless your family and all families with very little ones.

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    Emmett and Eli are so cute. Looks like they are thriving! Sure hope Gannon & Georgia tummy upset is short lived. Take care Grandma. Thinking of you!!

  10. What wonderful news about Emmet and Eli going home, super good news. I sure hope Gannon and Lucy are feeling better and everyone else stays healthy. It really does take all hands on deck.

  11. What bad timing! But you’ve got this! Your village is a thing of beauty. The babies are so cute. Speaking of family resemblance,
    that first picture of Emmett sure looks like his daddy!

  12. It has been forty plus years since I had a baby and have no grandchildren, so I had a shock at the advancements in the equipment needed for an infant. How did our grandparents manage! I love seeing the photographs of Eli and Emmett They look so sweet sleeping in their footprint blankets.

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