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Remember last week I told you that we had a quilt published in the current issue of American Patchwork and Quilting?  If you missed that, catch it here.  Then I told you the story of how the quilt came about and it’s LONG road to get to Kalissa’s house. If you missed that, find it here.

Well in the back story of the quilt, I had wanted to show pictures of the first version of the quilt that Kelli made.  She had made it and gave it to her mother in law for Christmas.  I asked Kelli is she’d mind going over and snapping a couple picture of it and last week she did.

Here it is….


Isn’t it pretty?

I loved the quilt when Kelli made it in more bright modern colors and I love it here in softer colors.

That picture is a little dark.  Here’s another picture only here it’s laid out and you can see more of the true colors.Square-knot-2

I can’t remember the fabric line that it was made with for sure…I talked to Kelli and we know it was one of Moda’s Collection for a Cause line…maybe Heritage?

This was done with one jelly roll and the quilt ends up being made with 80 blocks and is 73″ x 90″.  A border could easily be added to this to make it larger.

I am so tempted to make this one…I have a scrap bucket of 2 1/2″ strips or I have a few jelly rolls lying around.

So which do you like better?  Do you prefer it in the browns or do you prefer it brighter in the grays?


It is definitely a great quilt no matter which style of fabrics that you use.  The quilt was designed by Kelli and both sewn by Kelli.  I did put the borders on the gray one and machine quilted and bound it.

I need to stop writing about this quilt or I’m going to be upstairs in the sewing room starting yet another project!!

18 thoughts on “Update on Square Knot”

  1. If I had to choose I would go with the soft Browns..those are “my colors” :-). But I don’t have to choose and I love both. This is on my “to make” list already.

  2. I don’t always get American Patchwork. I actually am trying to avoid buying anything but my big exception is when they have one of your patterns featured. I will be running out to find it, as soon as the snow stops here. Both colourways are great, I think I will use a pastel polka dot jelly roll I bought since I can’t remember what I wanted it for.

  3. I think my fav is the soft browns, but both are pretty. I will have to go and pick up an issue of AP&Q so I can make this one. Such a good-size quilt for only one jelly roll!

  4. Love them both, but if I have to choose a favorite, I think it would the one with the browns….looks so cozy!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the browns. I am and earth tone lover of colors, but the other one is also beautiful. Yes, this would be a very fun quilt to make. I will have to check out the magazine when I go to town. Congratulations on another quilt being published. I read your blog every day, and am from Iowa too.

  6. You know what they say, “every party has a pooper”! I guess I’m it today, because I prefer the grey/bright version. I really love those greens … they’re my faves! I used those greens in my Allietare quilt last year (also the aquas), and it’s one of my favorite quilts.

  7. The brown one struck me as Handsome…. like for guys who don’t do flowers or pink. In real life it might have flowers and pink, hehe. As far as which to like better, I think it would depend on where you might eventually use it…. I am tempted to hunt this magazine down to see how a jelly roll makes such a large quilt……

  8. The bright colorway caught my attention when I read AP&Q. But the brown colorway shows what an adaptable pattern you have created.

  9. I’m envisioning the pattern as a Christmas quilt with red and green alternating blocks – maybe with grey/silver and white for the sashing and cornerstones. A great pattern!

  10. I want to do this one too. I am NOT going upstairs to see what jelly rolls I have until the BH mystery is done and Christmas is over, and you know that I picked out fabrics for the Country Threads Split block………………..I think that I am going to start a list……….ha!

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