Update on Ruby…

Monday Ruby and I went over back to the vet because she was throwing up and not quite herself.  They sent us home with a Bips pill that has little bit pieces in it that once swallowed can be seen in an x-ray so that the vet knows if she is digesting properly.

Yesterday it was back to the vet for x-rays.  Well the news was good for the most part but did involve another surgery.  Apparently she had an adhesion in her intestine from the other surgery.

She was super groggy yesterday when she got home.  I ended up sleep in the couch with her.  She’s back sleeping on the couch now.


This morning she’s been up and out..slow but doing really good.

The doctor did say that this time around it should be an easier healing, more like the healing with a spay surgery.  I know when she had that done she was herself about about three days.  Here’s to hoping that’s true.

I do have her window seat barricaded so she can’t get there and she’s not happy about that.

She’ll have to make due with the couch.

Thanks so much for all your  notes of care.

9 thoughts on “Update on Ruby…”

  1. Poor little Ruby!! Don’t you hate when your furry kids get sick!! We also have a sick dog…have had the xrays and blood work…everything has been ruled out! Now they are testing for fungal infections that Molly may have picked up down south in the dessert…called Valley Fever in Dogs. Takes 2 wks to find out…9 more days to go. Poor Molly is wheezing and coughing, sneezing and no energy. I keep telling her to hang in there. If it’s not Valley Fever than she has to go to Vancouver and the ca-ching ($$) gets even bigger!! But we just want her to get better!! So happy that you know now what is troubling Ruby and a plan to fix it!! She is so young to be having these problems! Belly rubs all round!!

  2. Glad to hear she’s on the mend. Hopefully this will be the last of it for both her and your family. Get well soon Ruby!

  3. So glad she is doing better. Went through that with one of our dogs years ago. It can be really scary. I love the farm view from your window.

  4. I am so glad that you figured out what was going on with Ruby – sorry it involved more surgery, but thank God that they have the skills to fix our fur babies!! Have fun on Friday at the game :)

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