Update on Rosie

I told you earlier this week that things with Rosie were getting a little better and then took a turn for the worse.  She started having accidents again.

I ended up taking a urine sample in and Rosie again has crystals in her urine.  She is back on a special expensive dog food for it.  After a conversation with our vet, we wondered if Rosie will just need to stay on the food for life.  Before we made that decision, our vet called the dog food company ( Royal Canin) to get an opinion from them.  The food can stunt growth.  Was Rosie big enough at this point, that it would be okay for her to be on the food for life?  How old did dogs need to be before they were considered “adult sized”.

At this point, Rosie is almost 10 months old.

The decision was made that she’ll be staying on the food.  She’s already as tall as a smaller beagle so all should be well.  Although not common, this isn’t uncommon.  I’m so glad that we are addressing the situation and hopefully this is the solution I’ve been looking for.

I want to quick address a comment that was left after I gave you all the Rosie report earlier this week.  A reader wrote:Yikes, I don’t know how you put up with Rosie….I don’t care how cute she is. She’d have been gone down the road a long time ago if she was my pet. You really have the patience of Job!”

Rosie is a handful and I think in Rosie’s case, it might appear that I do have the patience of Job….but really it’s more than that.

When I was deciding on whether to get a new dog after Ruby died I really struggled with the decision.  My health isn’t fabulous with my thyroid cancer acting up again.  Would I die and leave a dog with no home?  I told the kids I really didn’t know if I should get another dog.  Kelli piped up and said if something happened to me, she’d make sure the dog I got had a good home.  That was the turning point that made me decide to get another dog.

I loved Rosie the moment we even contemplated bringing her into our lives.  I loved her before I knew which dog I was getting and what her name would be.  Rosie is part of our family- bad behaviors, accidents, vet bills, and all the problems she brings my way.  Family doesn’t dismiss someone when they have accidents.  Family helps find out why the accidents are happening.  Family troubleshoots problems and works to find solutions.  Family doesn’t just blame the dog but also looks at their own behavior to see if there is something they are doing that could change and make the situation better.

I debated for a long time…do I get a rescue dog, do I not?  I talked with my vet and at the time I was doing childcare plus had the grandchildren.  She suggested a pup. No beagles were available at the time via rescue so I opted to get a dog from a breeder.  Kelli talked with me a long time saying, “Mom, this pup won’t be going to a shelter anytime in its life so it’s okay to not get a rescue dog.”

I will not send Rosie or any dog “down the road” even if she is a pain in the butt from time to time.  I’m sure she thinks I’m a pain in the butt just as often.  I’m sure she was trying to send my signs that something healthwise with her “just isn’t right”….and I was missing the clues.  To everyone who reads my blog posts and listens to the stories I tell about Rosie likely does think I’m Job…Rosie knows better.  She knows I am not perfect.  She knows I do yell from time to time.  She knows I have gotten frustrated over peeing accidents…and you know what, she loves me anyway.  Rosie, although a not so perfect pup and only 10 months old, knows what unconditional love is.

She loves me unconditionally…and I love her just the same, problems and all.

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  1. I don’t think you are Job. I think you are a person who cares about your family, all of your family. Our puppies are our shadows, our companions and our best friends. They are always there for us, just like we are there for them. Even after they leave us, they stay in our hearts.

  2. My opinion: Pets are like kids. You’re not really sure what you’ll get but you commit to loving them. If you can’t put up with their accidents, illnesses, mistakes, quirky personalities, etc. then it’s best you don’t have them. I’m really enjoying your Rosie updates. We’ve had two beagles (both no longer with us) so I can relate to many her escapades.

  3. I’ve been a widow over six years and people suggested I get a cat or dog. My mom lives in another state in assisted living and I fly down to see her every other month or so. Or at least I did until the pandemic hit. I decided not to get a cat or dog because I do travel a lot and didn’t think it was fair to the animal to stay with my son at his home while I was gone from my home. I really liked your answer about Rosie. If I took on a pet, it would be a member of my family, lovingly cared for as a child. Not something to be tossed aside at the first inconvenience.

  4. Ur comment to ur reader was perfect. When we commit to getting a pet it is our responsibility to love and care for the animal. If we cannot do that, you have no business getting the pet in the first place.

  5. Patty McDonald

    Love your attitude with Rosie. We have had several labs so when our last two passed away we got another. She was way more active than any lab we’ve owned. She is a barker, chewed everything (ruined 2 chairs), and was hard headed when it came to training. Friends commented how can you put up with her?! We knew if we gave her away no one else would keep her with all her faults. So we loved her and kept her. When she turned 4, she quit the chewing and paid more attention to our requests to mind. At 5, she is a big lover. She still barks a lot but thankfully we don’t have a close neighbor so no one complains…..we always say…..use your inside voice! She is more attached to us and we’re more attached to her than any dog we’ve ever had. Stick with Rosie! Patty McDonald

  6. We have adopted several dogs from a rescue group in Texas. (We live in Oregon and the dogs are flown in to us.) Before we are approved, we fill out a form which asks a lot of questions about our pet-owning history, relationship with our vet, and our philosophy on pets in general. One question is, “What circumstances would cause you to return this dog or release it to a shelter?” Without hesitation, we always answer that there are no circumstances in which we would give up a dog we welcome into our family. Once we adopt a dog, we take on all the joys and heartaches of that dog and are promising to work through whatever comes. It sounds as if your philosophy is the same as ours.

  7. I’m happy to know that Rosie is not being a “stubborn” puppy and that you found the reason behid her “accidents” and that it is treatable with a diet change—-she is too cute to be a pain in the a**.

  8. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Obviously the person saying they’d send the pup down the road shouldn’t ever get a pet, a partner, a child, or a friend… no one could come to their perfection level.

    I’m glad you share your frustrations as it should remind people to really think before adding a living entity to their family.

    When you decide to add another living being (person or animal) you need to commit fully to take the bad and good together.

    Let’s hope that person never gets to the point with their health that their family sends them down the road so they can get a better model.

  9. I am not a pet person – I admit this frequently. Pets (all of them) stay toddlers and we must provide all their needs. I allowed my children to have pets even though I end up being the primary owner. Our current pet, a 11 yo cat named Dumbledore, is having health and behavior issues. Vomits several times a week. Expensive food helps. Fortunately, the last six months only in cellar. No real cause found. I’m not having him euthanized. But, I know there will be no more pets as last two of five kids will be seniors (21yo) at Univ in fall.

  10. Gosh. I guess we all do our thing. But a dog is for life. We adopted a terrier mix with a long history of being dumped. Apparently he chewed things. He was 10 when we got him. He NEVER chewed anything I knew about. We just took him on our daily walk, for an hour, and threw the tennis ball the whole time. Seemed to do the trick. As a result of tick exposure before he came to us, he lost the use of his rear legs at the age of 15. We were fortunate enough to be able to buy him a set of wheels. And off he went. He stayed with us until he was 17 1/2 and died 8 weeks ago. I sure do miss him. His name was Ollie.

  11. Some people just aren’t meant for animals. One of our dear friends would buy a puppy, exclaim her love for it and within a year sell or give it away so she could get another. Used to irritate me to no end as when an animal comes to this house, it is for life.

  12. We currently have a beagle who just turned 12 in May…she was born at our house. several years ago she got her leg broken by one of our other dogs accidently falling on her…cost about $3900 to have it fixed..several people in our lives said ” I would have had the dog put down”…Now we are dealing with her again – this time she has back problems and could not walk on her own for several months except when one of us (usually me) would carry her outside, walk her with the help of a sling, carry her back inside…with perseverance and help from our vet she is now walking again. She still needs help getting up from a sitting position but that may come with time and continued therapy..She is starting to act like her old self…People who don’t have pets are judgemental…I always say “well, if your daughter/son broke their leg would you have them “Put down”…sure they can be a handful sometimes but consider your life without them…

  13. My Phoebe was a breeder in a cage till she was almost ten years old. 70 in human years still having puppies and never allowed out of a cage. Don’t ever take one of these types of dogs unless you are prepared for all kinds of issues. She pees daily on the wood floor, often poops inside and eats some, hides and runs in fear, won’t eat unless I hold her bowl. The most difficult is her waking us every single morning before 5am to go outside. Phoebe is the sweetest thing ever-now. We adore her and will grieve horribly when she dies. She’s 14 now and the medical bills are getting expensive as her body has started having serious issues. My beagle has a problem too and will be getting extensive/expensive medical tests soon, her monthly meds are $30. Pets aren’t for everyone. Your Rosie looks just precious and I’m glad she’s with you.

  14. That was a cruel selfish comment to send Rosie “ down the road”. Taking a pet is like having a child, you wouldn’t send it “ down the road “ just because they had an accident or got dirty. I have 4 dogs, a Rottweiler and three dachshunds . The big dog does great, but little ones, even bring 6 and 7 years old has accidents and I keep pee pads down for them in a room seldom used, so they know to go there if I can’t get them out to walk. And if anyone does like my house because I have dogs and a cat, then don’t come around. Bless you and Rosie for being you and loving each other.
    Side note. My mother had a wire hair fix terrier and she would cook it whole chickens for dinner with his special dry food. We do what we need to do for our fur babies.

  15. Rosie is part of your family! Just because there are problems we don’t send family “down the road”! We could have taken some expensive trips with what we’ve spent on vet bills but there would never have been the rewards that there are from animals. I find something to laugh about every day with our dog. It breaks my heart when he cries in fear because of thunder or fireworks. With our children grown and grandchildren living in other states our dog is our “baby” , covered in fur.

  16. Chris Petersen

    I know how you feel as the mother of a 9 month old puppy and an 11 year old My girls are great put the older dog needs to go out very often while the puppy doesn’t. Haven’t figured out yet how to know when the puppy needs to go out. We love them both so much Back from a trip outside the puppy lives being out but not always for the reason I want her out there. Thank goodness the yard is fenced.

  17. We saw a picture of our beagle who was at our local shelter. He was the most pathetic looking thing I’ve ever seen. You could tell he was so unhappy. We went to see him. Spent about an hour at the shelter playing with him. He was very happy to have the attention and, of course, went home with us. Not six weeks later the vet bills started. The first was a terrible ear infection that was from a piece of fabric that someone had pushed way down into his ear canal. Then it proceeded on to more vet visits, knee surgery, cancer in his mouth and then only seven years after we brought him home, the cancer was back and we had to let him go. It took me two years before I could say his name out loud without sobbing. He was a pain in the you know what, he had habits we never could break, he could frustrate you to the point of yelling, but we would give anything to have him back. Not once did we think of taking him back to a shelter or getting rid of him. You get a pet, you keep your pet. You just love them, warts and all.

  18. You should not explain yourself or your decisions to anyone ! Except your children and only if necessary. Who ever wrote that is spiteful and maybe unhappy . When you put it all out there all kinds will respond . I wonder if that person feels that way about people – sad. It’s obvious you have a big , caring , loving heart sooo you just keep being No who is lo ed by many just the way she is. Have a Blessed weekend !

  19. Some people just don’t get it that they aren’t pet. They are really our kids. I am with you. I would do anything to keep healthy and happy. The only time I would send one down the road is to the Rainbow Bridge because they are suffering and will never get better.

  20. Thank you for stating my beliefs about our pets so well. Some people just aren’t pet people and don’t get it. As to the UTI, our Golden Retriever had frequent UTIs, but we now give her a cranberry chew (found in pet stores) every day and she has had no more problems. We feed her a good quality dog food, but not a specialty one.

  21. Stearns Carol

    The love that a dog provides far and away is more than all the accidents and mishaps! Just love her. WE have a dachshund that is so special to me, wants to sit with me and be held all the time. I love him and will be devasted to lose him. Hopeing it is a long long time.

  22. Peggy Barcelona

    We have a new pup, 4 months old. Right after we got her she started peeing constantly. Amazingly you wrote about Rosie and a UTI so I asked the vet to check. Yup, had a UTI. Gave medicine for her. At the end nothing different so vet checked again. Still had crystals, new med for 10 days, and royal canon food End of this still problem although a little better. Sent urine off for culture, no bacteria, just a little crystals. I don’t know where to go next, they said maybe spay her would solve the problem. But anyway thank you for writing about Rosies problem, I had never had a dog with UTI and wouldn’t have suspected it. And to the lady who suggested sending Rosie down the road, I feel sorry she will never know the love a pet can bring to your life

  23. I read that comment and I had a comment back to that person all typed out and then I deleted it. I didn’t want to start anything on your page. I sure hope that person has a caring family because if something should happen to her that she needed more care they wouldn’t give her the boot out of the house and down the road. Well, actually, maybe I do. My dd dog had the same problem and she had to have special food for all the uti she was getting. Rosie is a cutie and a keeper. Have a great day Jo and Rosie.

  24. Judith Fairchild

    I want a small pup and I know the risks. It’s worth the time and investment in exchange for the company and love.
    To suggest sending a pet down the road is the height of cruelty. I so enjoy seeing Rosie and the gun she created. Long happy healthy life to you both. Praying for both of you and the rest of the family.

  25. Lilac Joan Guthridge

    You said it well, We talk care of family, whatever the problem. My ten year old rescue dog, Lucy, is house bound. She can’t manage the stairs to go outside and I can’t pick her up any more or carry her, so we just clean up after her. She doesn’t have long in this world but we are not ready to let her go. She is not in pain and we love her.

  26. Our son and DIL have a female mixed breed dog that has had pee issues since she was spayed. She “leaks” when she lays down or is asleep. Don’t remember the name of the condition but it is not uncommon after spaying. It took awhile to get the right medication and a good schedule for giving the med to correct the problem. All is good now. Our “kids” never gave up on Maggie; she is the funniest dog. She loves to play in the sprinkler but doesn’t like baths. She puts her paws in the fish pond and likes to watch the koi swim around. She also plays with the cats and stays out of the way of the ancient pet chicken Hazel.
    So glad that you have Rosie in your life.

  27. Some people should not have pets!! To put an animal in the cellar for the last of his life is unbelievable. We have had rescue dogs from 10 weeks-old to 10 years-old and problem or not, surgery or not, they have all given us more than we could ever hope to give them . My daughter recently adopted a 10 year-old small female mix who had never been house-broken and then drove 1000 miles home. The dog has never had an accident and my daughter says that everyone loves the dog who is ” first to go to the party and the last to leave “. We can not imagine our lives without our pets and the joy, entertainment and love they bring to us.

  28. Our dog was diagnosed as having crystals in her urine about 8 years ago. Our vet put her on Potassium Citrate Granules. A simple sprinkle on her food with a little water on it once a day solved the problem. She does have to stay on it though. It is a prescription item but not expensive.

  29. We have a seven year old golden retriever who used to have ear infections, crystals in her bladder, etc which started when she was only a year old. We used grain free kibble then Royal Canin for retrievers for a few months then switched her to a raw food diet of ground beef, beef liver, and assorted fruits and vegetables. I make her meals once a month and freeze it in one meal portions. She hasn’t had any UTIs or anything else since. She lost a bit of weight too. Kibble…even the prescribed kind is processed food so not good for anyone. Meal planning for her and the preparing isn’t too hard….just takes time to assemble and mix. She actually licks her bowl. You might look up a Beagle group for suggestions. I got my info from a member of a golden retriever website I subscribe to.

  30. Kimberly Clark

    Perfectly said Jo!!! We commit to a dog when we decide to bring them home!!! Nobody ever knows what lies ahead. I would never want to send my issues down the road!!! My dog is my buddy!!! Does she have issues? You bet!!! But she’s all mine!!! I love her so much!!!

  31. Lisa in eastern Washingon state

    Well, I’m very sorry you felt the need to give my comments on Rosie’s “accidents” a very public lecture and giving me a dressing down. I merely stated that I wouldn’t put up with any animal in my home using it as a place to urinate or defecate. They’d be given away or put to sleep. As someone with the myriad health issues you have, I hardly think it could be good for your living environment to be spreading E.coli all over your home.
    I don’t like dogs at all, but I know that lots of people do. That doesn’t make me a horrid person, as your blog readers seem to think! And yes, I do love my husband of 47 years, my children, their spouses, my 7 month old grandson, my other family members and all friends immensely!
    However to insinuate that I would treat people the same way as an animal, is completely uncalled for and untrue. Shame on you. I live in a very rural environment where people depend upon cattle raising and dry land farming for their livelihood. It will probably shock your delicate blog readers to find out that dogs are not considered pets here, but working tools. If dogs are seen chasing cattle or any other animal, they are shot on sight. It’s a fact of life here, however harsh it may seem to city, town or suburban dwellers.
    We need to remember that we are all entitled to our opinions, and they are just that, opinions. It’s not “my way or the highway”, neither of us is right or wrong. You can still tolerate me as a blog reader and I will tolerate your blog posts when you whine about Rosie.
    I’m sure you won’t bother to post any of this rebuttal within the body of your blog post! I follow your blog because I love all the sewing and quilting portions of it! Take care, enjoy your family as much as I love mine. Thanks for listening. Hopefully we can both “agree to disagree” , which seems to be in very short supply in America these days.

    1. Lisa. The first few times people comment, they are sent to me to moderate to make sure they aren’t spam. So if you commented and the comment didn’t immediately appear, that’s why. You are welcome to express your opinion.

  32. I have a weird sense of humor. I understand what the person meant by “send Rosie down the road”. But, in my little world, “Down the road” was Gramzy’s house, and yes, the dogs all loved the treats and extra love at Gramzy’s. Now, I am the keeper of my “fur-brother” since Mom has been in memory care. He is a good dog, but his parents spoiled him way more than they ever did us regular children!! P.S. I love the Rosie pictures!

  33. 36 great comments and one *** apple. Maybe that’s a comment on the world today. Shooting dogs that chase stock does not equate with cleaning up after a dog which had an accident. And, I expect your mental health benefits from your doggie. Further, I’ll bet you didn’t think you were stirring Lisa’s behest.

  34. I left a comment about Lisa yesterday and today I see she commented again about dogs being working stock. Dogs can work on a farm/ranch and still be part of the family. I would never send a dog “down the road” as she suggested. Rosie is as much a part of your family as your kids!

  35. I cant believe some one made that rude comment. Puppies are children. Things happen. It’s not like Rosie can tell you whats wrong. ‘sending a dog down the road’ is why there are so many pets in shelters. My dog Bella has a sensitive stomach and pancreatitis off and on. I feed her Stella and Chewys, plus prescription wet food. I get it by the case on chewy.com. It seems to be cheaper then the big box stores or by the can. The kibble is cheaper too. Probably google it for the best kibble or wet food case price.

  36. Odile KiNKADE

    My life would be so incomplete without my little dog Peanut she is a rescue dog and she is my company after losing my husband last year. I don’t understand people who would send a dog down the road as that person suggested. Pets especially dogs love you unconditionally.

  37. I have a small mini pin who has a pancreatic disease but when I take an animal into my home and care they are with me until they pass on to God’s hands, they have unconditional love and so do I.

  38. Had a cat on Royal Canin SO for urinary crystals for over 15 years! No more urinary problems in all that time. She just died at over 18 – unrelated to any bladder or kidney problems!

  39. We have a male neutered cat, and it is common for male cats to get crystals. Our vet suggested that he be put on special food from Royal Canin for urinary problems for life. That was years ago, and it’s very expensive food, but we have not had even one new incident of bladder crystals.

    In another story about this same cat before the bladder problem, he loves to eat plastic bags. One time he ate a grocery bag, with a knot tied in it, and passed the bag whole. He was pooping and peeing all over the house, and we considered getting rid of him. The passing of the bag happened at the vet’s office, and we had to retrain him to go in the litter box, but we love him and kept him.

  40. Kelly L Broughton

    At 10 months old puppies will still have accidents and ones with urinary problems will have a few more until the issue is solved. The woman who wrote you about sending it down the road, I certainly hope that her family is more understanding with her when she gets older and has to be looked after. Makes me wonder how she was with her children. Pets are like little people who need love and understanding, they can’t tell us what is wrong with them. I am an animal person and ones that need care are very dear to my heart and people who don’t understand that just hurt my heart. I am so glad that Rosie has you and that you have Rosie.

  41. Good for you. Our pets are like our children. I recently had to put my 17 year old Jack Russell to sleep and I was devastated I spent the last two years cleaning up after her putting down towels and Puppy pads for her she was deaf and blind in one eye, had an enlarged heart and had arthritis so she couldn’t get up and down steps and I think she was getting dementia. She was still my baby and would run and get excited when it was time to eat. She got an ulcer on her blind eye which was painful for her and that was the last straw. I did not want her going through any more pain or illnesses. I cook for my dogs every week and their health got better once I quit giving them commercial foods. I have one dog left and she is 15 hope she lives a quality life for whatever time she has left.

  42. All three of my dogs are on Royal Canid food and the difference for them is incredible. My Cairn Terrier mix had kidney stones (requiring major surgery) that were amazing both in size and quantity and with Royal Canid SO food they have been kept at bay. She may still be having them but they are passing without difficulty. Decided since my other two fur-kids are also breeds prone to stones I’d have them all on it and we’ve not had an issue. It may seem expensive but if you order through Chewy they have a discount for auto-ship. Blessings on you and yours!

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