Update on Polly

Remember our foster puppy Polly??  Well last night I got a call from her new family.


She’s doing good!!!  The family loves her and she’s growing like a weed.


The family lives in a two story home and already at eight weeks, Polly can navigate a whole stair case.  She sleeps with their daughter and the family has been taking her on lots of outings.


So how are we doing??  We’re doing good.  I would definitely foster a puppy again.  In fact, I think I prefer puppy fostering.  With puppies there are only here a short time.  I get a puppy fix and can let them go.  The puppies don’t have as sad of a story.  With older dogs I start thinking of how they are going from home to home…I start thinking about how they are going to yet another home.  I start thinking about the hard life they had before and I just want to keep them and make their life easier.

With puppies I think how I can start house training..I think about how I can start them on a lease, getting a bath and learning new things to make them the best family pet.   I don’t think about keeping them nearly as much…especially after they start chewing something of mine.  Did I mention Polly ate a phone charger??

Anyway…that’s the update on Polly.  I hope I can foster a puppy again…and it was so nice that the family called to let me know she’s on her way to becoming a treasured part of their family.

3 thoughts on “Update on Polly”

  1. I have a lead on your next ones. Might be siblings this time if you want to face that. I’ll let you know if I get them.

  2. Susan the farm quilter

    Hmmmm…fostering puppies rather sounds like having grandkids for a bit and sending them home!!! Love it!!!

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