Update on Kelli and the Boys

Kelli came home last Wednesday in the evening just before bed….she actually came to my house.  I had Georgia here.  Kelli was doing good but we thought it might be good if someone was with her the first day or two home.  Georgie can be a handful and isn’t accustomed to not jumping on Kelli, not being carried, and not doing anything slowly.

Kelli’s husband Jason is a farmer and it’s Spring.  He has lots of work that he’s scrambling to get done so he can be home more once the babies can come home.

Kelli ended up staying here.  Then on Friday Jason came, picked her up and they went to visit the babies in the hospital.  Kelli is having a rough time working through that it’s okay for her to spend a day at home between going to see the boys.  It’s a hard balance knowing she wants to be home with Georgie and knowing she wants to be at the hospital with the boys.  I think it’s common for moms whose babies are premies and hospitalized.

We live two hours away…there are so many expenses to going suck as, gas, food, and parking.

While Kelli was gone on Friday, I had Gannon and Georgie along with my childcare baby.  I had gone to the bathroom and came out to this scene.  Georgia had everyone wearing hats!!

Georgia is in love with one of the school-aged girls that come.  When she is here… Georgia can’t do anything.  Here Georgia is getting her to feed her.  That girl!!  We have our hands full with her.

I met Kelli and Jason with Georgia on Friday evening.  It was my first night with the house to myself since the previous Saturday.  I love to help out but trust me, the quiet was totally welcomed.

Kelli was back up to the hospital on Sunday and was happy to see that the boys have been moved into a “twin room”.  Before each had their own room and it was a struggle to pop between the two rooms.  The boys are good enough now that they share one nurse.

This is the first official picture with Kelli holding them both.  I’m pretty sure it is Emmett on the left and Eli on the right.  In general, Emmett is dark complected, more red and has more hair.  Eli is lighter complected and has thinner hair.

The boys are both doing well.  They did lose some weight and a suppliment is being added to their milk.

We’ve had no unexpected set backs.  The doctor said that we should expect them to be in the hospital until their 37 week age which would be April 30th.  As hard as the back and forth is, it’s a short time and we can handle it.  I’m actually more worried about once they are actually home.  It’s all just a day at a time.

That’s the report on Kelli, Eli and Emmett.

20 thoughts on “Update on Kelli and the Boys”

  1. Oh, Jo! This brings back so many memories! My babies were both premature, but my youngest had severe complications and he almost died. He was born in one hospital and had to be transported via ambulance to another, specialized hospital. He was born by C-section so I was in one place and he was in another. My brothers carried my expressed breast milk to him every day after their school day was over.
    My baby got well and came home. Forty-three years later that guy is over 6′ tall, healthy, happily married, and professionally successful.
    This is what I am praying for your precious grandsons.

    1. Oh Jazz I’m so glad they ended up okay. How hard to go through all of that!! We are so thankful all is going well.

  2. Thank you for the update! I have been thinking of you and Kelli and family and wondering how it is all going…Love the picture of Kelli luxuriating in the moment, cuddling the boys. There is nothing that matches falling in love with your new baby (or in her case, babies)! No doubt, as you say, coming home with be an experience, but they’ll be fine. A a former La Leche League leader, I remember repeating the mantra for priorities after coming home from the hospital with babies: “People before things. Clothes before corners.” I also told new mothers to make it a point to stay in their bathrobes if anyone comes to visit. Otherwise, they’ll think you are “back to normal” and will stay too long!

    1. Great advice! My LL leader also added to leave the vacuum cleaner out, so when your company asks if there is anything they can do? Answer with Would you mind running the vacuum over the floor? ;-)

  3. A lovely photo of Kelli and her boys! Glad they’re making good progress. Georgia is such a character haha!
    Thanks for the update Jo x

  4. What a wonderful picture of Kelli and the boys. Hope the planting goes well for Jason so he can be home when the boys come home. Best wishes for all.

  5. Jo,
    Memories of my premie girl and my big boy at home. Sigh. Keeping good thoughts for you all.
    Peace, Peg

  6. Gloria Gleason

    Love, love, love to all! Georgia going to
    do some more play days with Kalissa’s boys!! ,❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Gloria Gleason

    Kelli, Jason, Jo, & all, I was huge while pregnant 46 years ago & everyone JUST KNEW I was going to have twins, except the doctors. I “strongly suggested” I’d expect to have a C Section. Well, they didn’t and I won’t share further. My 10 pound boy would have loved having a brother or sister that same day! Two 5 pounders would have been swell, too!! God Bless you all! Georgia, be a help to your parents & any helpers with your wonderful little brothers. You are going to be so popular when they join you at school!!

  8. Congratulations to every one! Babies are beautiful and healthy! Kelli looks radiant! And that little girl sounds like a firecracker! I know you will all do well. Georgia is precious! (I was a leader, and always in trouble when young also!) I think it’s a sign of great intelligence, truly! : ) Blessings on all of you during this wonderful time! I love your wonderful blog and enjoy getting to know you and your sweet family! Thanks for sharing! You sound over busy, hope you can find some time for rest and relaxation! : )

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