Update on Kalissa’s Cupboard

You might remember on Saturday I told you about our daugther Kalissa purchasing and working on a cabinet of her own.  (If you missed that, find it here)

Well she sent me a photo of it all in place and decorated like she wanted.


Cute right?!  I actually really like it.  Initially I wasn’t completely convinced that I love the idea but if she liked it, I was happy to see her making her house a home.

Now, I love it.  I had no idea that the clear coat would do such a great job in cleaning it up.  The paint was initially VERY flaky and even flaking off.  The clear coat completely cleared that up.

Above all that…she has cute things stored on it so it’s functional and cute all at once.  So kudos to Kalissa….she’s going to be antique-er too!  I have to say I hope she stays on the primitive side…that way I don’t have to worry about us both wanting the same pieces!!

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