Update on Gracie: Back from the Vet

If you missed the earlier post today, Gracie, our beagle is sick.  We took her to a second vet for another opinion.

For those of you who have asked, we got Gracie as a rescue dog three years ago.  At the time they thought she was five.

The good news…her blood work is good and it isn’t Lyme’s Disease.  The bad news….she has a tumor the size of an egg in her abdomen.  It is a floating tumor and that is suppose to be a better kind as there is a good chance it hasn’t spread…and those types have a better percentage of being non-cancerous.

Now the hard part….what are we suppose to do….surgery?  Put her to sleep?

The possible tumor prognosis if surgery is done:
It’s cancer and it’s bad and they put her to sleep on the spot.
It’s cancer and has not obviously spread….???
It’s cancer and contained to the mass. She could have a normal life expectancy.
It’s not cancer and she would have a normal life expectancy.

Recovery would be typical of being spade.

I wish the line between humane and inhumane was more clear….I’d hate to put her down if the tumor is non-cancerous.

Right now I am leaning towards surgery with the promise from the vet that if it looks at all bad that she be put to sleep immediately.

28 thoughts on “Update on Gracie: Back from the Vet”

  1. We have a beagle too – that’s what originally caught my eye about your quilts (the quilts are beautiful as well ) :) Very hard decision, praying that you will be given wisdom in this.

  2. I am so glad you came back and gave us an update. What you are thinking of with the 4 options is good. I’m with you.

    I will be pray’n for Gracie, the vet AND your family during this time. ♥

  3. I would go for surgery and hope it was non-cancerous or contained to the tumor. However, if it was cancerous and had spread I’d have her put down. But our pets are literally part of our family as we’ve not been able to have children so I may be biased in a way that you are not. Go with your gut.

  4. Jo, so sorry to hear about Gracie. It sounds like you have thought things through and are making the best decision. There is no price we could put on all the joy we get from our pets. Am sending healing thoughts to you and Gracie.

  5. Your beautiful Gracie reminds me of my beloved Muffin – the beagle of my childhood. Absolutely wonderful companions. Muffin lived until she was 17 and had a stroke and had to be put to sleep…I’m praying for as many wonderful years for you and Gracie! (((((((hugs)))))) it is so hard when our beloved four-legged family members have problems like this.

  6. Best of luck to Gracie! I think you have the right approach. As much as we love our animals, we have a duty to think of their comfort and quality of life. We have a rescue beagle too.

  7. I’m sorry you have to make such a hard decision, and I agree with the other posters – your choice seems right to me too. My main concern would be quality of life. Best wishes being sent!

  8. Do the surgery and hope for the best. It sounds like it might be non cancer. Most cancer will attach to the organs. The only way to find out is to do the surgery. I know its costly but she is a member of your family. And she’s always so sweet looking on your quilts.

  9. Thanks for the update. I’ve been worried about her, but it sounds as if there is much hope for your Gracie. Happy to hear that she will have surgery & certainly wish for good news for all of you.

  10. That’s a tough decision. I think I would do the surgery and make the vet promise to put her to sleep if it’s spread. That’s the only way you’ll have peace of mind. My thoughts are with your family and lil Gracie.

  11. I would have to sy the same thing. Have surgery and if its bad let her pass quietly. I pray it is not cancer and that she is just healthy as can be very soon. Hugs to you both.

  12. Such a hard decision! But she deserves a chance so I say go fir the surgery. Hoping for the best. We’ll all be waiting to hear.

  13. Having worked in the veterinary field for 22 years, I’d say go for the surgery. Even if it turns out bad, at least then you know that you gave her a chance, and you shouldn’t feel bad. If you just put her to sleep now, you will always wonder if you did the right thing.

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