Update on Ackfeld Manufacturing Tweak

Hey all…Last week I did a little post on how I changed this….

to this…

After I posted this, Connie said, “I love this!!! I went onto their site but could not find it!!!! Do you know if it can be purchased and if so how do I locate it!!!”

I looked and couldn’t find it so I contacted Marie over at Ackfeld Manufacturing.  She was super helpful…She provided me with this link to find them.   She also wrote, “Your quilt is beautiful.  I would of been happy to send you the darker sewing machine.  These can all be found under the Metal Art tab on our website.  Below is the link to the charcoal 12″ Sewing Machine #23697.”

12 inch Sewing Machine Fabric Holder Silver

UGH…I could have gotten it in black all along….So if you want one in black save yourself the cost of the spray paint and just purchase it in black..(oh I feel dumb!)   This is one of the dangers of blogging..making a fool of yourself in public!!

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