Update from Tuesday

Today Kramer’s radiation appointments were early in the day.  He left at 6:30am and Kalissa was his driver.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to stay home and not worry about any of it.  The problem, that all makes me feel a little bit guilty.  Kramer still has to do it all.  I get the luxury of staying home and doing childcare.  Today we have a late afternoon appointment so Kalissa will take over and do childcare from 2:30pm on.  We’re working to get someone to take the Thursday appointment.  Kalissa picked up a shift at work and Kelli has to take Georgia in for her check up.  It’s a never ending juggle of who can go where when.  I am ever so thankful for the girls.  They have made all of this possible.

EVERYONE is counting down the days to Friday.  We are so eager to have the radiation hurdle jumped.  I’ll be honest, all of us are happy but also a little disheartened that we didn’t get the BIG finish of radiation that we had hoped for.  With the cancer having spread to his bones, we are a little anxious still.

Our latest weird insurance thing…THIS…
The home medical supply delivered food for Roger for a month for his feeding tube.  ALL of this is for a month.  Being our insurance deductible changed the company called me and had to have payment for all of this upfront.  This is $840 worth of food that will feed him for one month.  I had the money to cover this but seriously I am sure others going through this don’t.  I don’t know what we’d have done had we not had an emergency savings account.  (and where am I going to store all of this??!)

On the pain front, Kramer is doing much better.  He slept a lot but at least there isn’t the terrible pain and for that, I’m thankful.

I’ve been gone from the house for so many days.  There are so many things that I’m working on catching up on….laundry, recycling, mail, email, bills, all of the day to day things that we do that we don’t even realize we’re doing.  I’ve had to start a new plan that when a bill comes in, I pay it immediately.  Can you believe that somewhere in all of this I forgot to pay our property taxes?  Oh my word.  I was so embarrassed.

I’ve been trying to get thank yous out…I’ve been trying to catch up on blog posts.  I’m terribly behind on that.  I’m not stressing out about it all…just things I’m trying to keep managed.

So many people off to help or ask if they can help.  Seriously, so many of the things are just things I have to do.  People have asked me if they could help with childcare.  That’s hard too.  The kids know me…and I need them.

The cards and notes you all have been sending have been the highlight of our day.  All of you write such wonderful notes.  Some people have had loved ones and they too have gone down this cancer road.  Some people have roots in Iowa and identify with us.  Some people don’t want to be known to us and just sign a card sending prayers.  We love all the things that are sent to us.  We read them and smile…we read the and commiserate…we read them and are stunned by the loving words and gifts you send our way.  We truly thank all who have send cards and gifts.  We are AMAZED.

I’m hoping that the pain is all good, that we don’t end up at the ER and we make it through to Friday with no need of a medical update from the Kramer house.  If you don’t hear anything on that front, assume it’s all going okay.  I don’t want the blog to only become a place to hear our medical woes….so I’m sending the blog back to posts that don’t include a huge medical report.

20 thoughts on “Update from Tuesday”

  1. You should start a caring bridge page for your medical story. Then those of us who want updates on the medical front can follow there and you can keep your blog post as it was. Caring bridge is free…we used it for my grandson’s battle with leukemia and it made it easier for his mom to tell all the updates once and everyone could stay informed.

  2. Glad that things are “more normal”. Only a few more radiation treatments. Yay! Little kids YAY YAY! There is just something about kids that just makes the world a little better. So happy that you got food for a month so know Kramer will be keeping his strength up. Cancer is no fun that’s for sure.
    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. Penny Holliday

    Yes, I understand Jo. I’ve been down the up & down twisty cancer road with my grandma & husband! Never feel guilty about what you do or your position! You’re an amazing woman! Keeping all of you in my thoughts & prayers & sending hugs to the Kramer family!

  4. Denise Briese

    We love hearing how’s its going good or bad.. we know this is a huge part of your life right now. We all want to help in someway. I pray for you and your family every day

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Your’s and Kramer’s medical woes are part of your life now. You don’t say anything more than we want to hear. You keep looking for the best in spite of going through the nearly worst of experiences. Love to you Roger and all your loved ones.prayer continue s as always.

  6. Thank you so much for your update…praying the rest of the week is filled with…nothing…no pain, no glitches, no emergency hospital runs. May it be filled with peace, love, and even some fun!
    You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  7. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Jo and Rog, Brighter days are ahead! A new normal will settle in not including ER visits. Friday will be time to celebrate! Recovery from radiation will begin and you will feel better soon! Hoping you have a restful laid back weekend to enjoy life!

  8. You guys are amazing!

    For the blog, what about doing flashbacks to old posts? I know its repeat content for some, the newer folks may not have went back to read it.

    Something to think about for the days that writing is hard.

  9. You are amazing! Keeping all these balls in the air. I know you want life to be normal and not changing things is part of that. We are glad to hear news of your life and how Roger is progressing , hopefully good news but bad if that’s what it is. Dealing with the insurance company should not be added to your stress! Do what you have to do and know your friends and readers will understand. Watching you and Roger thru this is inspiring as your family supports you in ways the rest of us cannot. Keeping you all in prayers.

  10. Glad to hear his pain medications seem to be working for him, and prayers coming your way from Florida. On the pain medications side, I do authorizations for a pain management office, if it’s sent off marked stat, the insurance company usually has to respond within 24 hours. we usually hear by the next morning at the latest.

  11. Judy Prescott

    I’m sure that anyone that sent you gifts & cards are not worried about Thank You’s! Just take care of the day to day things and send them out when you can. We know how busy you are and just want to make your job lighter. Prayers, hugs & kisses!!!

  12. Carolyn Sullivan

    My x is totally fed w a feeding tube, he cannot swallow( results of his cancer that surgically is perm. Due to expenses of the formula he makes his own. BUT I cannot say that is the healthiest way to do it. maybe a Nutritionalist and a Pharmacist among your blog readers can weight in on it. Also can he be classified as DISABLED? and be put on Medicare? No need to answer just a thought.

  13. you do not need to send thank you notes…folks are not expecting that…send thank yous online like you have been and just leave the rest…no one expects a thank you when you have so much on your plate

  14. Debbie Myers

    Yay! You had a “new normal” day! So glad to hear that Kramer’s pain is under control and that you are almost at the end of radiation. We love hearing about your day-to-day journey and by sharing the “real” stuff, good or bad, helps us know you better. (Your post about sewing machines is one of my favorites and really helped me when I was debating on buying a Featherweight.). Your blog is a blessing to all your readers. So, thank you for all you do!

  15. SusanfromKentucky

    Don’t feel bad about sharing about the ups and downs of Roger’s days. That was what this blog was supposed to be about–daily life. Unfortunately, cancer is a part of that. You’ve still managed to put in stories about what you’re stitching on, etc. We appreciate your honesty!

  16. Mary Ann Mettler

    I can honestly say I enjoy all your posts and the medical one is one I am very concerned about. I would miss those the most as I really care and appreciate understanding a bit the road you are traveling. Whatever you share is great though. Love to you all!

  17. Hey jo so glad my husbands was picked up by Medicare and aarp. He needs to go ahead and see about getting disability. This was the second time we had to be tube feed. Sitting here in hospital right now he’s having a pacemaker put in. Hope he gets his pain under control. Our prayers are with you and you family.

    P.s. My husband liked the shake cold he said it didn’t seem to want to come up when it was cold.
    Hope your son is dry. My daughter lives just on edge of Houston and in 2 hours she got 10″ of rain yesterday

  18. Jo, never feel guilty for getting to spend a day at home. You need that. And it’s not like you’re just sitting there doing nothing. Your job is keeping things going at home as well as keeping Kramer’s schedule on track. His job is going to treatments. Everybody does their part and it works. Keeping my fingers crossed that his pain level stays under control and there’s no ER trip this week.

  19. My hubby received about the same amount of feeding supplies for his first month on g-tube. However, he had a lot of nausea and couldn’t take in anywhere near the quantity they sent! It took him almost 4 months to finish it. So, I asked the supplier not to send it monthly until we found the need for more. Then we got a similar bill because Medicare denied his claim! I personally appealed it, and they re-evaluated and paid it! I hope all goes well for your hubby’s feeding. Your family team is amazing! Love and prayers.

  20. Wishing a peaceful, calm and perhaps even a restful weekend for you guys after all the back n forth, you could sure do with it. Thoughts and prayers continue as usual. x

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