Update from the Week

Well yesterday was our last day for crossing the Mississippi and heading into Lacrosse.  Hubby was with this time.  I’m so glad he was.  We had a miserable drive as it rained and rained all the way.

It started raining even harder and radio started going off with weather warnings and reports of hail.  We passed a few places where it had hailed right before we got there as there was hail along the roads.

Then Kelli sent us a picture of where she was in Ossian.  It had hailed there.  See the photo below?  That’s HAIL, not snow.

We finally got to the bridge to cross the Mississippi and go to Lacrosse…then we encountered this.  Traffic delays.  Good thing we left early.  As we got closer we realized there had been an accident on the bridge.

Finally…going in to Lacrosse on what would hopefully be our last trip for awhile.

From there it got busy….
Labs for the blood draw
The Radio Active Iodine Uptake Scan
The neck ultasound…..and then…FOOD!!

I was free to eat food.  We ate in the little coffee/sandwich shop in the hospital.  It’s a great place.

Then we went off to kill some time before my appointment with the doctor.  We hit up some garage sales..more on that in another post.

We went back for my appointment and this is what we found out….
There are three tests to determine if I have returned cancer.


The scan was clean.  The ultrasound was clean.  The blood work…wasn’t back.

So we wait for that.  My original number has gone up a bit but nothing super concerning.  Should it come back high…I have to take a PET scan.  Should it be okay….she’ll see me in six months.  She expects it will be okay so for now, that’s what expecting too.  We’ll know more early next week.

So we decided to leave it at this, good news at this point and back again in October for blood work and an ultrasound.  Depending on my numbers for my blood work at that time, we will determine if I need to go through the whole long process again next April.  As miserable as I am with the whole diet thing, I really don’t mind if it means knowing I’m for sure okay.  Thank heavens we have good insurance!!  Just after one shot my deductible for the year is met.  It’s expensive.

Hubby keeps telling me I’m worth it.

I sure am glad that I have him trudging through all this with me.  He’s a real trooper, as are our kids.  They listen to me whine and cheer me up with it’s at it’s worst.  I can’t imagine doing all of this without them.

So the reason I didn’t get this blog post written last night so it would post this morning…Kalissa and Craig wanted us to go out to celebrate that I could eat again…so we did.  Then it got late.  This morning I started in on something else only to realize that I needed to get this written so finally…the update.  If you hear nothing more about this all…that means the results of that blood test came back good….

Me, I’m off to get something done.  My sewing room is still a mess.  My goal for this week was to have that back together.  Darn.  It hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks a million for all the thoughts, prayers and happy notes you’ve all sent my way.  Fingers crossed that the last test comes back good!

11 thoughts on “Update from the Week”

  1. So glad your news was mostly good and you can relax for a while! I’m sure your blood test will be good and you’ll be good for the year! A supportive family makes all the difference.

  2. It’s wonderful that the news is good so far. Lots of us have family members going through cancer and understand that letting someone have their moments of sadness and despair is therapy. So is getting busy with projects! Enjoy your good news days……

  3. Wow! That’s a lotta hail! I hate driving in bad weather. So many ppl drive crazy!

    Glad to hear the good news about your tests! It’s always a relief to know you’re good to go for another 6-12 months!

  4. Jo, So happy for you that you received good news! That is just great!
    Enjoy your day organizing and hopefully you can squeeze in some sewing time! Hugs, Anne

  5. This weather is something-we had thunder and lightning during the blizzard yesterday afternoon. The radio says at least a foot of snow, but it blew all over the place! Glad you were able to travel safely and are well! Hope you get some sewing room work done. Mine is a DISASTER area right now. I was just sure that all these grad gifts would make a noticeable dent in the stash. . .not so much. Must keep sewing.

  6. Sending best wishes to you. Thank you so much for sharing so much with all us internet strangers. Your honesty and sharing of your experiences may help more people than you will ever know. May God Bless you and your family.

  7. So sorry you had to drive through that nasty weather. But so glad your health tests are looking good so far. You handle it well and the family is a big plus. Take care…Hugs!

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