UPDATE: Anders and the Stray

First update…

This is my grandson, my daughter Kalissa’s newborn, who is in the hospital with meningitis.  The good news, he’s doing better today.
Kalissa posted this on Facebook:

As some of you may have read on mom’s blog, Anders is in the hospital with viral meningitis.

Anders is doing SO much better today:

✅ off of oxygen
✅ more awake and less irritable
✅ finished one round of antibiotics
✅ fever free for 12 hours
AND best of all, his CSF culture came back and he got the official entero virus meningitis diagnosis – this is a much better bug to have than most other viruses and bacteria so this is a WIN! 🥳
And YES rhino/entero virus is just the common cold for adults – the boys were sick earlier last week with just a cough and runny nose and likely gave it to Anders who’s teeny little body just couldn’t handle it.

So please, wash your hands as often as possible, stay home if you’re sick, don’t kiss the babies, and take newborn fevers seriously! That will be my motto for the next couple of months!”

That was all good to hear.

I went to Iowa City yesterday afternoon and picked up Craig.  He took Carver and Gannon home so they could have a little normalcy and I could have a little break.  I’ll have the boys late each night but we’re gonna try to have Craig pick them up and they’ll sleep at home.  So far they are doing good about not acting up or missing Mom too much but I’m sure after a couple more days that will be hard on them too.  So…as much normalcy as possible for them!!

Carver is in the school play so my grandma duties include picking him up after school from play practice.  It’s all good.  I’m excited to have another kiddo in plays.  All of my kids were and I loved it.  That is fun as that will keep him distracted over this next week.

Second update:  On the dog that came to my house as a stray:

He found his owners…or rather his owners found him.  Happily, the family decided to neuter him as long as he was at the vet anyway.

He was not dumped.  It’s believed he followed a local farmer into town.

That story ended well.

I was contacted by the local rescue HEART Animal Rescue that I am working with.  Four more dogs need to find a foster.  I’m not fostering more right now.  I have Kalissa’s dog while she is in the hospital.  I never knew there was such a huge need for foster dog care.

Except that…all good news coming from my house tonight.  What a blessing to be able to say that!!  Thanks for the many kind words and prayers on Anders’s behalf…and that of our family.  It is much appreciated!!

PLEASE follow THIS LINK.  Kalissa wrote a post on her blog The Pink Shoelaces that includes the latest on Anders.

27 thoughts on “UPDATE: Anders and the Stray”

  1. So glad to hear that Anders is doing so much better, that’s another thing I saw during my time as a nurse/midwife working in the special care nursery – babies (and children for that matter) can get sick really quickly but they also recover very quickly too, provided they get prompt treatment. It’s all very encouraging. Thank God for children’s young bodies that can bounce back so well with good care. Take care, praying for you all.

  2. Thanking the good Lord that sweet little Anders is on the mend. We moms/grandmas have a full-time job just praying for all our kids and grands!! Hopefully, things will return to a relative normal soon for you AND Kalissa! Looking forward to pictures of Carver in his play.

  3. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful news. So glad Anders is doing better. Answered prayers. Good news the dog owners found their dog. Carver and Gannon have spent so much time with you, I’m sure they will do fine. just so nice to hear good news from you.

  4. PTL!! So good that Anders is on the mend. Always so scary when little ones are sick. Glad the dog was reunited with his family. All is good on the Kramer home front again!!

  5. Yes Thanking God for answered prayers on your grandson and for the whole family. I’m so happy to hear this. May God keep him well and give the drs wisdom as they tend to him.
    Praying for your rescue situation too.
    May the furrbabies find homes too.
    Always, june

  6. I just hate it when a sweet tiny baby like that is sick. You are such a good grandma and those little boys will step up when they have to. Your family has lots of prayer warriors.

  7. Jo, thanks for taking the time for an update. We have all been praying for little Anders and the family….continuing the prayers for all.

  8. Thank you for this good news and updates. Prayers fir peace and patience as Anders heals enough to be able to go home. Also a good ending to the stray dog story.

  9. Beryl in Owatonna

    PTL! So good to here Anders is doing better! Will continue to keep all in prayer.
    Thank you for taking time give an update! Be sure to get your rest too!

  10. My prayers continue to be with all of you and for Anders as he continues to well. How scary for his parents. I bet Carver is going to do well in the play, what fun. Glad that they found the owners of the stray dot.

  11. Such a relief for you all, to hear Anders is doing better. I’m so pleased for you. And thank goodness the owners have been reunited with their dog. Good news all round :-)

  12. So glad Anders is better. Kalissa’s photos of the kids sleeping in the combine was cute. Our kids only rode one round because it was so BORING. Keeping you all in my prayers.

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