Update #1

So I thought I would pop in and give you a little update on the week so far….first off, all the things that I thought I would get done…didn’t get done.  I got a start on some but most I didn’t get to.  I knew that would happen so I’m not super disappointed.

Sunday evening into Monday we snow predicted here.  Hubby didn’t feel comfortable with me driving in the morning on bad roads to the appointment in Lacrosse so asked if I would go on Sunday, stay overnight, get the shot on Monday and then drive home.  I didn’t fight it too bad and that’s what I ended up doing.  I shopped my way home doing all of the errands I could think to do which included clothes shopping as I didn’t have a single pair of jean capri pants.  I hate shopping so at least that is done now.

Tuesday I met Kelli in Decorah and she went with me for the day.  I got my shot at 8:30am. The we found blog reader Mary Jo.  She works at the clinic and is a volunteer binder.  She does great work.  She’s one of the sweetest people I know.  We dropped off two baby quilts to her.

Then I had an appointment with the doctor for my shoulder.  That involved driving to Onalaska which is connected to Lacrosse so an easy drive.  There I had xrays and FINALLY saw Dr. Klein-I’ve been waiting since April to see him.  We talked about the problems I had…He told me my options.  The whole thing sounds MUCH easier than when I talked with the doctor before this.  We ended up deciding to try another cortisone shot.  I was so happy when he said, okay, “let’s do it!”.  Last time I had it done it was painful and was ultrasound guided.  This time piece of cake and just a shot in the office.  WOW, what a difference.

I wasn’t very optimistic.  Last time it took over two weeks to really kick in.  I’ve had other people say they got a cortisone shot and felt better immediately.  Well, it’s early out and only three days since I got the shot but I am a changed woman.  I did walk out of the clinic feeling immediately better.  I’ve had a couple zingers of pain but rarely and they aren’t terrible.  If it could stay like this, I’d be the happiest girl.

From there Kelli and I started in on some errands…it included Hobby Lobby.  Check out the picture below.  Yes…she bought it.

I was so excited that Hobby Lobby now carries, hardware as in pulls and hinges and the like.  I knew Hubby would be thrilled too.  He’s been looking for stuff like this to finish projects.


…and still more!!

From there we drove back towards Decorah stopping in New Albin.  They have an AWESOME meat market there.  Kelli snapped a picture of her hot sticks all packaged.

We ended up spending too much time in New Albin and had to hustle to get to my appointment in Decorah on time….this time, the podiatrist saw me.  Ever since I had my foot surgery, my second toe slight raises.  That’s made my other toes shift and now one toe, my fourth, is always dealing with an in grown toe nail.  I was sick of it so asked if we could simply remove the toe nail…and that’s what we did.

So now this is my morning and night scheduled activity for awhile.

So far, completely painless.  COMPLETELY.  I’ve had toe nails removed before..my left big toe, that was more painful but little toes, no big deal.

Tuesday was my overhaul day on my body for sure.  As annoying as the trips back and forth have been to Lacrosse, at least I’m feeling better with the nagging things.

Wednesday was my day to go back to Lacrosse to take the scan dose of Radioactive Iodine.  Karl decided to drive me that day.  He had to work second shift at his job but we could make it back in time he LOVES Lacrosse.  I loved the company.

We got about an hour away from home and my cell phone rang.  It was the clinic calling to tell us that the dose of medicine didn’t come in their shipment and wouldn’t be in until 11:00 vs the 8:30 time we were originally scheduled.  Well that screwed things up as we didn’t know if we could be back in time for Karl to get to work…and couldn’t drive him back home first as then I’d miss my appointment.  So Karl called into work and told them the situation and all was okay.  We went to Lacrosse and killed some time….(poor me, I had to go to a quilt shop).

We got to the clinic and I took my pill at 11am then back on the road and home.  Karl was a few minutes late for work but not bad.

Today is my off day.  I’m ripping apart my sewing room closet and completely redoing it!  Tomorrow it’s back to Lacrosse and the actually cancer screening happens.  Hubby is coming with…and then finally I can eat normal food again.  I can’t wait.  I’ve already picked the places I want to go and the things I want to eat…including one of those hot sticks I bought at the New Albin Meat Market with Kelli.  I’ll let you know how the test went on Saturday.  I’m so happy we get the preliminary results the same day.

5 thoughts on “Update #1”

  1. What a crazy busy day, but I’m glad you got so much accomplished. It’s always a relief to get so much done. Please keep us all updated – I really enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Janet Melanson

    All the best for your tests and scan and everything else …..even though I don’t comment often.l SO enjoy your blog posts ..everyday….a reader and fan from Kingston Ontario Canada

  3. Betty from Canada

    you had better keep a tight rein on hubby when he gets into that shop with all the fixings he “needs” to finish projects. Hope your tests go good.

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