With the new year and new house, one of my goals has been to de-clutter.  I am de-cluttering everything and my thing I’ve been tackling for the last few weeks has been my email.

For the longest time I’ve lamented over the amount of junk mail in my inbox.  I’ve complained about how long it takes me to get through all of it and sadly so much of it is advertising.

Then the other day I stopped and thought-Wait.  Why not eliminate as much of this as I can in the first place…and that’s when I started unsubscribing to almost everything!

Quilt Shop newsletters that I don’t shop at…gone.

Each time I go in my in box and an advertisement type email comes in I ask myself:
Do I really need this in my life?

If the answer is no, I’ve been unsubscribing.  WOW!!  What a difference it has made.  My email is so much more business related now and email I want to see isn’t bogged down and hidden in so many ads.  It’s made my in box so much more manageable..and an even enjoyable place to work.

It’s not perfect as I still need to do a lot more cleaning and deleting of old stuff but it’s better…much better!!

6 thoughts on “Unsubscribe!!”

  1. What I found is not necessarily the quantity of emails I have “subscribed” to – but the “reciprocal” advertising. Molly has an ad – then Joe carries it for her on his site and she in return carries his ad, and John carries both of their ads in his site and both Molly and Joe carry John’s ad – etc. I unsubscribed to one site – but I haven’t missed a thing because their are no less than 5 other “reciprocal” emails I get that include that one. That is where I find the boggling. Have a great day! :-)

  2. I just did the same thing. Will keep it up to keep the email as clean as possible. I am lucky that Yahoo email screens out almost 100% of the spam messages. Now if I can just stay off Pinterest,………..

  3. I have a second email address that I use for newsletters, entries, etc. That way my primary email address has only emails that I want to read from friends and relatives.

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