Unidentified Plant

This spring when I was getting ready to plant some new plants in my tubs, I noticed a few sprouts starting.  I figured they sprouted from seeds from last years plants so I decided to let them grow….

It’s been wonderful.  The big pretty purple wave petunias are the result…aren’t they beautiful!!

After I looked a bit closer, I saw this…

See that plant growing along the trellis?  That’s not a purple hyacinth.  It looks more like a squash to me.  Hubby agreed so I dug it out and put in in the garden.  If it makes it through transplanting, we’ll see what the mystery plant is.

I am guessing that a pumpkin was in there as a decoration last fall and seed ended up in the soil, then sprouted this spring.  Time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Unidentified Plant”

  1. I have a feeling it’s a purple runner bean. They are about 6 ft. tall, beautiful purple flowers but I don’t think the beans are edible. Enjoy your mystery plant!

  2. A few years ago we have a pumpkin come up in our “rocks” by the driveway. We live in the city so we figured it came “through” a bird! This year my daughter and I planted some cantaloupe seeds in the same spot to see what they do. So far, so good…they are up and dad hasn’t killed them with weed killer.

  3. I forgot to metoinn that over 20 quilts were donated to Read Me A Quilt at the Tuesday meeting. A wonderful accomplishment! (The quilt pictures were too blurry to post.) Thank you to the quilters for bringing comfort to some fortunate boys and girls!

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