Unboxing the Mail Video #1

Hello all….

Earlier this week I told you that Kalissa was at my house and helped me with editing and loading a couple videos to Youtube.  This time around we are unboxing my mail from Deb in Owatonna Minnesota.  THANKS so much Deb.  As you can see from watching the video we had so much fun!!  If you want to watch the video, just click the box below.

If you are a person who reads the blog in Blog Lovin or through email, some of the links don’t work.  If the links don’t work for you, you’ll need to read the blog HERE and then the links will work.  If they don’t work, the problem is with your program, not the blog.

Here are a couple of the books that were in the box….

History Repeated

Simple Patchwork

Jelly Roll Quilts

Olfa Rotary Cutter

Thanks to Kelli and Georgia for filming…thanks to Kalissa for helping edit the video..and a big thanks to Deb for sending all the fun mail.

Let us know what you think of the mail unboxing…do you prefer video or photos?  I’d love to know.

56 thoughts on “Unboxing the Mail Video #1”

  1. I prefer pictures. I have to turn the sound on for videos and that is distracting to others in the room.

  2. Photos please. In the time it takes for the video to load, I’ve lost interest and moved onto something else.

  3. Enjoyed the video very much. Very well done. Lol at the “drive a stick” joke which I would not have caught except for the fact that you include closed captioning in your videos so thank you for that. So many treasures in those boxes.

  4. I prefer photos please. I loose interest with videos, and can’t listen to it while the television is on with others watching.

  5. never did find the video……. not sure the point of links to amazon books…. but sure like that first book by Betsy and Carol. Each of them had quilt group that meet monthly for 14-15 years….. and I miss meeting up with the different groups.

  6. Ditto what others said. Spending 35 min watching someone open boxes??? I kept skipping thru the video….sorry. I love your blog otherwise.

  7. Loved the video! Almost like receiving those books myself. And, especially loved you and Kelli bouncing comments off each other about the colors, patterns, and possible ideas for use. Perhaps you can continue with photos part of the time for those who prefer them, and do videos part of the time for those who enjoyed this. Thanks!

  8. To edit my previous comment: Almost like receiving those BOXES myself! And, for those who thought the video was too long, I watched while eating my supper since I was home alone. Great dinner companions you two gals were.

  9. I prefer picture for two reasons: first our internet is Really, really slow and second is the time issue. Videos take too long.

  10. Pictures, as well. For all the reasons mentioned above. Just can’t watch/listen to videos during the evening when television is on. And 35 minutes is WAY too long for me, even if I weren’t watching television at the same time.

  11. Although I know the video is cool to do, I’m with the others. Photos are much more efficient. Viewing a 35 minute video is a big chunk of my waking hours that I am unlikely to invest. Techniques is different than viewing mail. Loved the binding video :-)

  12. I thought the video was great! Thanks for the fun! I felt that I was going through the boxes with you guys. Thanks for all you do. Have a great week!

  13. I loved the video. I was right there at the table enjoying the fabrics and gifts with you. I so appreciate the time and effort. This made me feel even closer to you and your wonderful family. Thanks, Jo.

  14. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Pictures please, unless the video is about 5 minutes…that is about the length of my ability to sit and watch a video.

  15. Loved it. I don’t see my daughter very often so fun to listen to your chitchat. Loved seeing Georgia. Loved all the goodies especially the ornaments. Fun!

  16. jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I enjoyed the video. I, too, felt like I was hanging out and enjoying time with you and Kelli. Georgie is adorable; loved seeing her. I caught myself adding comments.

  17. I was able to get the video through Bloglovin’. I agree with others. It was a bit long. Couple minutes with pictures is great. I am seeing others doing that. Have a good day.

  18. I watched your video while I ate lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it! I really liked hearing the interactions between you and Kelli (and Georgia!). It was pretty exciting to watch the unboxing; I felt like I was right there with you!

  19. Photos please. My video attention span is about 1-3 minutes unless it is a lesson on something i really want to learn. I’m not one of those people that sit and watch YouTube for hours which I consider boring. I read your blog and 2 others while eating breakfast and that is all I have time for.

  20. Photos are best for me. Videos, unless they are tutorials, generally are best at about 3 minutes. From a PR standpoint. You do You!

  21. Fun to see you and your family “live” occasionally, and tutorials are great! I like photos that I can easily go back and forth to see most things f the time.

  22. I loved your video! My favorite part was finally putting sweet voices to your written words! I have loved your blog for years and sure do not mind the “company” of a longer video.

  23. Great video! That’s quite a haul! Looking forward to your creations from all those goodies! Pictures are great, but like others, I sometimes shy away from long videos. Funny thing, your blog post are no longer showing up on my Facebook page. They just stopped. I have to go to your page and see what I have missed. I try to capture it all. Thanks for posting. Always enjoyable.

  24. Stearns Carol

    I enjoyed the video! Getting to know you and Kelly and Georgia! And what a haul. The paltry box I sent is no comparison. She must be cleaning out her room.

  25. Loved the video! Felt like I was going through the boxes myself! So Fun! You are so lucky to get all the sewing room items from everyone!.

  26. The video was fun , a little long but, that was a lot of stuff! More Georgia please, she’s so ridiculously cute!

  27. I enjoyed your video! It was fun to see what else was coming out of the boxes. I sometimes could not tell who was speaking unless I was looking at the screen-your voices are very similar. I know that lots of good will come from your boxes, whether it is you or one of your excellent groups! You are very lucky that so many love you-I know I certainly do! Hugs to all,

  28. Kimberly Clark

    I’m so bummed that people are saying photos! I LOVED the video!!! Time flew because I was so wrapped up in the fun!!! Omg!!! That was the most fun I will have all day!!! I got to vicariously enjoy every little part of the incredible goodness in those boxes!!! I want to say THANK YOU to Deb and it doesn’t even belong to me!!! LOL!!!

  29. Sandra Davidson

    Hi Jo I really enjoyed the video it gave a better look at what you had and your comments . Get earphones if you don’t want to bother other people . I ca n always find the time Jo to watch a video you make but it must be more time consuming for you. Stay well your friend from Canada

  30. I jumped through the video so I could watch some of it. Very cute. I prefer pictures because I don’t have the time to sit and watch videos. They and vlogging seem to be gaining in popularity.

  31. Loved the video!! It was great to see your reaction as you opened each item in the boxes!
    And, Georgia was so cute….love the part when she was sitting on the a/c vent!!
    I know it probably takes more time for the video, but it was fun to see it, and I hope you will do more of them in the future!

  32. I loved your video. What fantastic goodies those 4 boxes revealed. It was lovely to watch your enjoyment ( and your daughter’s off camera) as each plastic bag of fabrics were revealed. Great to see Georgie hopping in and out too with her book. So many quilts in the making, for you, Kelly and your various quilting fairies.

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