UGH…Thread Problems.

I know I’ve mentioned it frequently but this deadline quilt really threw both Kelli and I for a loop.  Earlier this week I was frantically machine quilting in an effort to make out deadline when I ran out of thread.  No big deal I had another spool.  I took the label off the thread….

WHAT???  The purple on the wrapper had bled through onto the spool.   I wanted to take the spool back but couldn’t as I had to have the thread.


See the peddle quilting in the background?  That can’t happen without LOTS of thread.  I ended up unwinding and unwinding and unwinding until I finally got to clean thread.

UGH.  That’s a lot of waste.  I am going to write to the company and see if they’ll compensate me a spool.  Let me just say…the quilting for this quilt took 11 hours….but now that it’s done, it was so worth it!!

You can see it in it’s entirety in the March/April issue of Quiltmaker….I can’t wait to show it off…now off to write a letter to the thread company.

As part of my attitude of gratitude:  I got emails for two different readers recently, June and Ellie.   One of the gals offered to sent me thread for charity quilts and one offered to sent some money to help cover the postage to sent the quilts out.  I am thankful for their generous offers to help.

2 thoughts on “UGH…Thread Problems.”

  1. I’ve had exactly the same thing happen – with Maxilock Swirls thread. I had to unwind tons of thread before I got down under the bleeding. Sure made me mad!

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