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I’ve had such a busy week…not much sewing time was had.  That and the sewing time I did have was spent trying to work on my “H” quilt.  Happily that is ready for the quilting machine so maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a little more time next week for some UFO work.

Happily the border did get on my Winston Ways quilt.  I love it.  Sorry the lighting isn’t very bright.  No worries, you’ll see this again all finished in a month or so.


You might remember I asked for advice on which border fabric to pick…Here’s what I picked…It was option number 2.  It’s the fabric that I originally bought for the backing.  Now I guess I’ll be scrambling for a backing fabric.


I think this quilt will be one I keep.  This has been my main project that got me through my foot surgery.  I started it in early August after I had the surgery.  I sewed strips sets together as I allowed myself time off the couch when I still had a sewing machine in the living room.  Then I moved onto to setting up an ironing station in the living room as I gradually got a little more mobile.  From there I moved upstairs back to my quilting room where I worked on it during my early morning sewing sessions once I got back to working again.  It’s been 10 weeks in the make.  Now, it’s a top.

I am so happy to have it to this point.  The quilt top really feels like an old friend already.

For anyone wondering this quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

As one project finishes, another starts.  I grabbed another UFO that has had very little work done to it.   Anyone recognize it and want to make a guess??


It’s Blue Skies from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  This is in the VERY-VERY beginning stages.  Last week I sewed all of the half square triangles.  Over the next bit during nap time (if everyone sleeps at the same time) ironing a few of these.  Little by little it will happen.

Now for some fun news….Look what C&T Publishing sent me.  It’s a deck of Bonnie’s playing cards.  The cards are meant to be a little incentive for all of you.  On November 23rd the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I want all of you UFO workers to come here and list all of the UFOs you’ve completed since we started this UFO challenge in early summer.


For each UFO that you’ve gotten to finished quilt top stage, you’ll get a chance to win the deck of cards.  Silly but fun right?!?!

It’s always nice to have a little incentive to work more.

After that, we’ll set aside the UFO quilting for a bit while we start in on sewing the new mystery quilt as the first clue will come out just after Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, you’ll find me here working on my UFOs.  I wish I had more time to work on them but I have several projects that are weighing on me…a baby quilt, a wedding quilt and LOTS and LOTS of charity quilts that need to be quilted.  I’m not giving up on my UFOs though.  How about you?  How is your time stacking up…are there more UFOs in your near future?

See you right back here next week.

9 thoughts on “UFO Update”

  1. I produced about 14 string blocks over the weekend and 7 or so crumb strips that were my L&E. I also got the binding done on a Turning 20 quilt this week. On my Monday off from work, I quilted a 116 x 117 quilt for my mom, so now I get to load one of my own. I need to find backing fabric for Grand Illusion. . .I am so happy for this challenge, particularly, as I want to start your Fun Plus quilt! But I am not. . .I am working on UFOs.

  2. Hi Jo! I’m still plugging away at my Tumalo Trails top. It’s all webbed and I’m sewing the rows together. Using the Split 9 Patch blocks as my L/E project. I ordered your Plus Fun quilt. It looks like a great fun quilt to make! Love your plaid H baby quilt. I have 2 grandsons who have H names.

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  4. I just love your Bonnie Hunter quilts – one day, one day I will make one of her quilts. Right now I am working on 4 quilts and one day they will be done – I have two quilt tops waiting in line to be quilted.

  5. I attended a Bonnie Hunter retreat two years in a row. We started Tumelo Trail and Jamestown Landing the first year and Talkin Turkey, Carolina Christmas and Smith Mountain Morning the second year. I am putting the binding on Tumelo Trail and putting Carolina Christmas together. Next one to finish is Smith Mountain Morning. I love Bonnie’s quilts but they are very time consuming. I almost always make big quilts, usually close to 100″ X 100″ because I like them to hang low on my queen size bed.

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  7. Since January it’s been my goal to finish old projects and so far I think I have almost a dozen finished. It’s a great feeling when each one is finished!! Hopefully I’ll keep on target to finish the year off with a few more completed projects!

  8. I’m working on my version of Celtic Soltice–it’s using my Christmas scraps. I took it to quilt camp last week and made some progress and hope to finish the last step at another retreat in two weeks.

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