UFO Update

It’s the 6 month point for my UFO challenge. I thought I should stop and do an update to see how I’m doing.

#1-Scrappiness quilt…I haven’t touched this one!
A blog reader sent this to me. It is an eclectic scrappy mess of leftovers that I love. Everything is 3 1/2″ based. I have just bits and pieces from that reader but my hope is to turn it into a large quilt. Goodness knows I have plenty of bits and pieces to add to it! HA!

#2-Red Hourglass blocks-I haven’t touched this one!
This is another UFO sent by the same blog reader. I was paging through an old magazine from the 1950s and found an idea for using these. I’m hoping I can get to them sometime in the next year.

#3- Frock Leftovers Baby Quilt-FINISHED

This one is finished. It was already flimsy so it wasn’t hard. I’m happy to have it finished!! You can read about it HERE.

#4 Frolic Leftovers: I haven’t touched these except to reorganize them.
I likely have enough for two quilts here. I do have one designed so that’s progress. YAHOO!

#5 Frolic Quilt: FINISHED
A blog reader sent me her Frolic quilt. She was busy sewing along and decided she didn’t want to finish it so she sent it my way.

Here it is finished!! You can read about it HERE.

#6 Oversized Flying Geese
But wait…I have this one already made into a quilt top. This one could easily get finished and donated to that benefit. Hmm.

These are a quilt top now but not finished. I need a backing that would work. Currently nothing I have is striking my fancy.

It’s finished but I haven’t blogged about it yet. I need to take pictures of it.

#7 Tribute to Judi Quilt
This was an OLD UFO for me…I’m sure it’s over 10 years old. I finished the blocks last year and it’s a finish now!!

You can read more about it HERE.

Many thanks to Ila who sent fabric and encouraged me to finish this one.

#8 Hawaiian Sunset Quilt-I just cut border triangles for this last week.
This is also a LONG TERM UFO. This one is also over 10 years old. I have the fabric. I just need the time to finish this one.

Last year I finished the blocks. It’s time for this to become a finish.

#9-Sugar Bowl-Haven’t touched.
This one is more of a kit.
This is another FREE Pattern from Bonnie Hunter you can find HERE.

This one is a low-priority project. I’m not even sure it’s all cut-out.

#10-Oregon or Bust- FINISHED

This is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  It’s from the book Scraps and Shirttails II.  I have long wanted to make this ever since I found Mary from Country Threads version.

Here it is all finished!! YAHOO!! You can read about it HERE.

This one gave me leftover blocks so I didn’t let that languish and made this quilt too.

You can read about the leftover quilt HERE.

#11 Floribunda-Haven’t touched it!!
This is another Bonnie Hunter quilt. It’s really only fabric that’s collected together to make the quilt. It is also another low-priority quilt. The main reason is that I think I’ll keep this quilt when I’m finished. Goodness knows I don’t NEED another quilt!!

#12 S’mores Quilt–Working on this one…
This was gifted by a blog reader. The same blog reader that gifted a few of the other projects on this list. She is a wonderful person that totally knows my style. I’ll take her leftovers any day!!

The original pattern by Jo Morton.
I bought the ruler for this HERE on Amazon.

Last year I had hoped it would be my Fall project and it has been. This is what I started with from the blog reader.

I have all the full blocks done and need to start on the half blocks around the border. I have a sashing fabric purchased so this one will hopefully be done in the month or so.

The original plan was to only have 12 UFOs but I really wanted to finish more than that so I extended my list.

#13 Half Square Triangle Quilt-I am currently working on this.
This was also given to me by the same blog reader. WOW. I just love all she sent to me. It’s made my sewing room a happy place. I have a bag full of finished blocks. I need to count and see how many I have and then likely cut more triangles. I don’t know if this will be a triangle-only quilt or if I’ll come up with a more interesting design. Currently there are 36 block but I have the bag all sorted and am making some progress.

This one is on the longarm.

#14 Nine Patch Quilt-I’m working on this one!!
I started these nine patch blocks last year. I needed a leader and ender project. I had just finished my True Blue quilt and had a lot of leftover 2″ strips. I ended up sewing them into nine patches. Now I need to come up with a pattern to use them in.

I have about 100 blocks left on this one and then assembly time. YAHOO!!

#15 Starry Nights Quilt-FINISHED!!
This was actually my daughter Kelli’s UFO. She gave up on it.

I recently finished it!! YAHOO!! You can read about it HERE.

#16 Tea Party Quilt-FINISHED!! YAHOO!!
This was my daughter Kayla’s UFO. She didn’t want it anymore and gave it to me.

Here it is all finished!! You can read more about it HERE.

#17 Picnic Quilt-abandoning-I sent this to a blog reader who promised to finish this and send it to Ray for the Veteran’s Day program he suppoers. Blog reader Carol C had originally sent it to me. I did want to finish it but…there are so many quilts!!

I think I am passing this one along to a blog reader who committed to finishing it and passing to Ray for the veteran’s program.

#18 Train Tracks Quilt-Haven’t touched it.
I have a baby start on this. I started it as a leader and ender and then petered out. I’m looking forward to getting back to it. I will do mine in reproduction fabrics. I’m trying to use up some of scraps.

#19 Bonnie Hunter Paper Piece-haven’t touched it.
I know this is a Bonnie Hunter quilt…I know I can’t possibly get the whole quilt made over the year but I could get a chunk of blocks done and that would get me closer to a finish in the following year. So I have a goal to get 50 more blocks done. That seems doable. I really need to figure out what pattern this is.

#20 Baby Quilt-I went to pull this one and can’t find it. UGH. I need to look some more.
This one might get passed to the Cresco Ladies. I had grandiose plans of making something but alas…I haven’t. It’s so cute and I’d love to finish it. We’ll see.

I bought a bunch of this fabric. I made a quilt top but have enough to make more. A blog reader sent me some of the matching fabric. I need to finish at least one quilt and possibly pass the rest to the Cresco Ladies.

I ended up finishing this one and have the other ABC Panels out and plan to donate them to Pat’s group. You can read the tutorial I did for the block HERE and you can read more about the quilt HERE.

#22 Snails Trail Quilt-Haven’t touched it.
A blog reader sent this to me. It’s a Snail’s Trail pattern. I don’t know much about it. I need to dig in and see what needs to be done. I don’t think it would take too long to finish…we’ll see.

#23 English Paper Piecing-Haven’t touched it.
This has been a UFO for a long time. I started likely over 10 years ago. Before I cross-stitched, this was my car project and my television project. I have no plans to finish this anytime soon. I would however like to see some progress…even if it’s only one or two finished stars. It’s such a wonderful pattern.

#24 Red, White, and Blue Quilt-FINISHED
I started this a few years ago. It was a design of my own. I never figured out a way to finish it. I need to take the time and just figure out what I want to do with it.

I ended up adding some borders to this one and sent it to Ray for the Veteran’s program. I’m calling that one done.

WAIT!!! There is one more. I really only intended on having 24 on the list…

#25 Half Square Triangle Quilt in American Janes-Haven’t touched it.
I’m going to add it here as I’d like to get working on it soon and would love to get the credit for doing it. Blog reader Ila sent me a bunch of turnover fabric cuts. I sewed them into squares and then they sat. I was thinking about making them into something fancier than just a half-square triangle quilt so they have just sat here languishing.

Oh but wait…I do have one more.

#26 Low Volume Charm Quilt-This one was is done but I haven’t written about it yet.
Carver and I just trimmed these down the other day. I have plans to make a leader and ender charm square quilt with them.

I’m sure it’s finished by now.

This one is done too. I don’t think I showed pictures of it yet. Hmm.

#27 Haven’t touched it.

I was cleaning and found yet another UFO…I definitely want this one to be on the list. This was sent to me by a blog reader. It’s the start of Emerald City from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy. This one has been on my list of quilts to make and getting this jump start on it is AWESOME!!

So those were my 27 UFOs. Here is a little tally.

Here’s the tally…there are
12 I haven’t touched
9 I’ve finished
2 I am passing on
4 in progress

That means I’ve cleared out 11 and have 16 to do something about. That is pretty good for mid-year stats especially because 4 of the 16 I’m already working on. I’m happy with this.

That’s not too bad when I am only halfway through the year. Sadly I did pull and finish some of the “fast” ones so progress from here might be slower. We’ll see. All it takes is a fire in my britches and a piece to click with me and I can have it done quickly. Hopefully, that will happen!! I was really hoping that by the time I make my next UFO list, I would be under 20. That’s assuming I’ll finish a bunch and I might get some in too. One never knows what might be coming in the mailbox…or what I might start on whim. So far, I am under 20!! YAHOO!!

All in all…I really don’t care how many UFOs I have. I only care that I keep track of what I have and know what I have. That’s the real goal for me!! It was so fun to go back through the list take stock of my progress and see where I want to go. The Hawaiian Sunset quilt is marked to be finished before the end of the UFO challenge. I said it out loud….may it be so. HA!

16 thoughts on “UFO Update”

  1. Wow – I had no idea you had so many UFOs! And here I have two! LOL!
    Enjoyed seeing them all – thanks for your update!
    Love and prayers

  2. I need to tally up my UF0s as well, I’m sure I have twice as many as that. Need to stop checking out Pinterest and YouTube videos and blogs. Way too influential. I didn’t see your squares with one wonky snowballed corner, did you pass it on or give up on it. I started one like yours as I had small scraps I wanted to use up. I am curious how you were planning to finish, I have to make a few before I can experiment with them. Trying to make a supply baby/throw quilts to have on hand to be able to gift at last minute.

      1. I had some time, so I fished back in the blog archives. You posted the finished top on May 29, and also had a link in that post to your YouTube video about that quilt. I didn’t search further to see how it was quilted, but Maureen can start there.

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    My favorite of your blogs, when you tally up and take stock of where you are. I have probably six UFO’s, mostly stopped at the backing stage. I’ve ordered backings and they have arrived, but some require cutting and piecing and I seem to rusty on that. Maybe if I take stock, I’ll get to it. Train Tracks was one of my favorite quilts from the book it’s in. I’ll take another look and see the possibilities.. You have so many beauties to your credit Jo, keep on stitching.

  4. What a fun virtual quilt show!!! Thanks for sharing Jo. I really need to suck it up, make a UFO list and get cracking instead of being distracted by new ideas. Congratulations on all your finishes. You are amazing!

  5. You certainly have many to choose from when you have a minute to work in your sewing room. Every finished one is beautiful. It is time for me to do an inventory. I don’t have so many started, but I have a long list of ones I want to do.

  6. Kudos on your finishes! I am so easily distracted. Maybe, if I wrote them down I would do better with staying focused. I was really struck with the OR or Bust quilt and the leftover quilt. Seeing the two quilts together really showed how much an on point setting can really make a quilt sing! I was gifted the pieces to the Old World Fantasy MQ in Blues/Greys. Stepping into the middle like this is not an easy place to start, but I am persevering and it makes me appreciate the ones you’ve done even more. Thank you for the great sharing today!

  7. Beautiful finishes! You do have a lot of UFOs but have a tremendous determination to get many of them done. Happy stitching!

  8. I agree that the on point setting on your Oregon or Bust quilt is so interesting . Seeing the two setting just shows what a difference it makes in the look of the overall quilt. And, as always, every one of your quilts is beautiful and so inspiring. Thanks for the great quilt show.

  9. They look wonderful Jo. I’m sure you’re glad to be completing and moving towards your next goal. A friend gave me some advice on how to accomplish things when your lifestyle is crazy. So every night between 9-11 I allow my creativity to take hold and it’s actually working as dinner and dishes are done and the rest of them are happily watching tv so I can have my time too. Take care and Blessings

  10. Marlene Clausen

    When I saw the red hourglass UFO I wanted to say STOP right there!! Finish this one!! I know you love red, plus this is just do bright and cheery. After looking at the long list and all the photos, it still stands out as the prettiest one you have on the list.

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