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All of my Pineapple Crazy blocks for the center of the quilt are finished…well not really completely finished.  I still have to take the paper off the last 9 blocks but I’m saving that.  I have a doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse coming up.  Hubby is planning to go with me so I’ll pull the papers off the block then.


Next up…time to do the border blocks…but you know me.  I always get something into my head that leads me to a spot when it’s time to make a decision.  UGH.  Remember I said I am so bad at decisions??

Here we go again…are you ready to help?

This isn’t the best picture but this is what I have…See the borders?


See the block on the right?  It’s made how the pattern says to make it.  See the block on the right.  That’s how I think I might make them.

I like that I can see the points on the sides of the blocks better.  I think it more mimics the blocks.

This is all hard for me to believe…I LOVE red..but not this time.  What do you think?  Until I decide, I am stuck….Opinions please.

Several of you asked for a linky….so here it is.

I am working pretty hard on getting my “H” baby quilt done and am ready to start a new baby quilt as my childcare mom had a little baby boy yesterday.  I am so happy for the family and can’t wait to get started on a quilt for him.

28 thoughts on “UFO Progress Update”

  1. Jo, I’m with you on this one. I like the background on the edges as well. It’s one of the things I love about a pineapple block — all those crisp edges. For me, the red feels like it makes a string triangle versus a pineapple triangle. Either way, it’s going to be gorgeous!

  2. I’m with you, squarely on the fence! While the red is gorgeous, it smooths out the edges too much. This quilt needs the jagged edges. Save the red for the binding.

  3. I’m with tina in NJ: the red makes you loose the points- which is what you’re looking for in this quilt. use red on the binding: that will look fantastic!

  4. I like your choice without the red. Use red as your very top smallest colored piece on all of them, then I agree with Jennifer, use the red for the binding.

  5. Try using a darker neutral color in place of the red. It might highlight your edges without overpowering your triangle. Looks like another beautiful quilt on the horizon!

  6. I love red too, bu t in this case I’m with you! The red is nice but the points get lost. With the light points the points really show up! This quilt is on my bucket list. Some how that list gets longer but never seems to get shorter! Lol!

  7. I like the light- have you laid a few blocks out and checked them that way? standing back? there wasn’t a picture so I wish I could see it that way.

  8. I have made this quilt. I think the red is very important for the color pop. I don’t think at the end you will be as happy with all lights look border. The red just brings all the colors together and is a perfect frame.

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  10. I like the red, but I rarely follow a pattern completely because I like my quilts to be unique. Have you considered using a different color. I would go with blue or green.

  11. I’m not a person who likes red but I think the red looks great in this one. I wouldn’t use red or pink strips going crossways because that seems to be where the points get lost. All the other points show up good. Too me the one on the left washes out the colors but that’s just me. Going to be gorgeous whichever way you go.

  12. Stephani in N. TX

    The red is dynamite. For all your work, a little dynamite on the border will up the zing factor in your quilt.

  13. I usually love red too, but I agree that the left hand version looks better. It seems a bit pointless to do all that piecing, but not really be able to see it, as with the red one.

  14. I like the red one because it shows off the triangle pattern better. The other one seems choppy to me, but it is your quilt not mine so you must do what is right for you. This is only one persons opinion. Love your blog Jo, keep it up.


  15. I really like the red – it makes the triangle stand out. If however, you don’t want the “triangle” appearance, then I would make sure that you use really bright colors in all the colored portions of the border. My friend Ellen, who I sometimes share your blog messages with thought that the yellows in the example on the left made the block kind of washed out. Just our opinions – as my mother would say – You suit yourself ! (This was her standard response, when asked for her opinion.)

  16. I definitely prefer the red background. Here’s a thought, what about alternating them, since you have both white and red in the blocks.

  17. I’m not a red person so I think the left one is much better. I love low volume fabrics. I’m also not a border person so I probably would leave the border off completely and do a fun binding. Either way this quilt looks like a ton of work but I love it’s scrappiness!

  18. I like the red. Think I defines better, but I’d replace the red and pink crossways strips with some other colors which would contrast with the red. I also think the one on the left looks washed out to me. Enjoy your blog.

  19. This is a tough one, especially since someone threw out the idea of using a different background color. I do agree with the no pinks if you are going to use the red. . .I managed to get Boxy Stars done in the last week AND a Turning 20 quilted, binding on and 1/2 way around on tacking. Friday afternoon off and Monday as well . . .UFOs watch out!

  20. Elizabeth McDonald

    There is MUCH more definition with your version! I am making your stair steps quilt from American Patchwork & Quilting, and although I love red, I substituted black for the red in that quilt for the triangles, and kept the white for the triangles. Initially it was a matter of having lots of black, and not very much red. (Red flies off my fabric shelves as soon as it arrives there.) I did discover that black seems to “go with” more of my fabrics than I think the red would have….

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