UFO Progress: Rick Rack Nines

From now until Bonnie Hunter’s new book comes out in September you’ll find me right here on Wednesdays sharing my progress on a UFO (unfinished project).  My hope is to get some finished so I won’t feel guilty sewing on new projects from her book.  It’s not to late to join in the fun.  You can find my first post about it here.  You can see my listing of all my Bonnie Hunter UFOs here.

When I last left you on my UFO project, I hadn’t committed to a project.  Truth is, I still haven’t…well not really.  About mid week or so I thought..oh crap…I’m suppose to be sewing on a UFO project.  Well the closed thing to the sewing machine at the time was this bucket.  It’s segments for Rick Rack Nines from Bonnie Hunter’s Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.

So that’s what I started on.  I’m really actually excited about all of the UFO projects I have so I’m not a bit picky on which one I work on first.

I get up early in the morning and sew for an hour most mornings so I committed a couple mornings to work on this and before long, all of the segments were sewn together.


I’m at the point I have to spot and make some decisions.  The original quilt is HUGE..106″ square.  That’s too big for me.  My quilting machine only will let me do something 100″ x 100″.  Time for some decisions… That leaves me thinking I’d leave off a row.  I have 278 blocks done so I think that’s plenty.  I did debate about not putting a border on it and making all of the blocks but then decided I did want a border.

For the neutral background…I’m making it scrappy.  I love this idea.  I’m just hoping I love it once it’s done.

Next up I need to make the scrappy triangle blocks…but alas, my 2″ scrap bucket is at Kelli’s house.  I store most of the fabric here and for the most part, we just share fabric.  She wanted the bucket from something so snagged it when she was home.


No worries though…This project will just get moved back to UFO status and I’ll grab the next one closest to the machine and start on it….hmm..I wonder what that will be.   Tune it next week to find out.

See you then!


9 thoughts on “UFO Progress: Rick Rack Nines”

  1. Doesn’t it sort of defeat the purpose if you work on a different UFO each week? Oh well, at least they’ll each be further along. ;)

  2. Love that quilt and have it on my bucket lists! I haven’t started on my Bonniie UFOS yet because I want to finish a quilt for a friend before it becomes a UFO! That should be soon so I will start soon!

  3. I pressed and cut apart the segment chains on Rick Rack Nines myself last night. I have 91 blocks done. I have a plastic CD container almost full of threesies, so the next job is to sew those together and see how many more blocks I have. I have mostly L&E’d this one. I did get my UFOs posted on Instagram, I figured if you were brave enough to show us pictures, I had better have the courage to face my UFO pile as well. Today and tomorrow of work and then it is summertime sewing full-speed ahead!

  4. I’m going to pull my Talkin’ Turkey out today and see where I am on it. I’m also working on neutral strings for Jamestown Landing, Thanks for the gentle push in the UFO direction.

  5. I finished sewing the wedding quilt top. I also found a stack of scrappy blocks that I sewed into a top for our guilds charity quilts. I sewed four patches for Bonnie’s Narragansett Blues quilt as my Leader/Enders. Have almost enough 4 patches and I need to cut the rectangles. This week I need to quilt the wedding quilt as the wedding is June 18th.

    Diane in WA

  6. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    I love Rick Rack Nines! Haven’t made it yet, but hope to someday! Looking forward to seeing yours with the scrappy neutrals!

  7. Kristin Stonham

    I love Rick Rack Nines! It’s on my “to make someday” list. For my Bonnie UFO, though, I’m working on Allietare. Got the Echoes of Pisa blocks finished yesterday, working on nudging the Allietare Stars blocks along today. If I can convince my toddler to take a nap today, though, I’m hoping to switch gears for a bit and cut out a mockup for a summer dress. Mummy laying out a dress pattern on the living room floor is much more interfere-able than her cutting 2″ squares at the dining table!

  8. Well, I made good progress on my friend’s quilt over the weekend. 36 small log cabin blocks completed, which will be joined with a center cornerstone and sashing to become 9 large blocks that make up the center of the quilt. My Allietare is looking like I’ll only have enough units to make 2 star blocks and unknown of the second block. It’ll probably end up being a table runner instead of the baby’sh-sized quilt I had hoped for. This Friday I take a class to learn how to make a One Block Wonder quilt, so that can then be added to the UFO pile.

  9. I decided on easy street for my ufo challenge quilt. week one : i got the project box back out into the real world. week 2: i have begun to put the blocks ( which were all done)into rows. It is going together very well. I think I dislike the assembly and stop there, because all the work that is in it and having the pieces fight to fit together is very discouraging.

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