UFO Progress or Lack of….

Sunday I pulled out a UFO project.  I am serious about these UFOs and if I don’t pull them out, they will continue to go no where.  I really want to work on Hand Me Downs.

I have the blocks done.  I think I stopped because the rest of the fabrics had me guessing and second guessing and second guessing.  I love the blocks and I love how the designer, Bonnie Hunter, set her blocks….but could I find similar fabrics…NO!

I had the floor filled with options and ideas.

I asked for advice from Hubby…he hates when I do this..but he tolerates it.  We didn’t like any of them!!  Then he said, don’t you have something dark for the alternate blocks.

I went hunting and came up with this….

I love it.  But then, I was back stuck.  What about those borders???  I love the look of multiple borders but do designers have any idea the agony they put us through picking fabrics when they design quilts like this??

I was back to pulling fabrics…Then I found that little checkered print but of course, I have a fat quarter only.

That’s when I remembered.  Whittles had that fabric and it was on clearance!!  So I was at the computer trying to find the fabric…did they have it anymore and what was the name of it?  I finally found it.  Lucky me, it was only $4.50 a yard.  So I ordered fabric…..

Then I cut what I could from the fabric that I had here.  Now this is ready to grab and start sewing.

Now that I finally figured out the fabrics I want to use, I am so excited.  That fabric can’t get here fast enough.  If you are looking for the pattern, Hand Me Downs is in Bonnie Hunter’s book, Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green”.

7 thoughts on “UFO Progress or Lack of….”

  1. Thanks for sharing and going through your thought process on this quilt’s borders. I have similar problems with decisions on several of my UFOs and after looking at some of them they go back in the basket. And sometimes I think “just finish it” and go for it! It seems so much easier for designers. One of the reasons I’m attracted to a quilt pattern is due to the colors and color placement and I want to duplicate that somewhat.

  2. I think this is the spot where many quilts become UFO’s…so many choices to make and it becomes overwhelming. Sounds like this one will be finished as soon as the fabric arrives!

  3. Love this post for many reasons. One thing I have to say is you have some MAD sewing skills there… Those plaids are sewn straight, straight, straight. Well done. I think your fabrics are great.
    I keep a UFO list. I added why i put it aside. I’m inspired by how you pushed through the sticking point on this one. It’ll be great.

  4. It’s going to be fantastic – I really MUST buy that book, but hate paying full price for anything, and I’ve never seen it on sale anywhere!

  5. Your “Hand Me Down” blocks look like so much fun in all the bright shirting plaids. So glad that you got the fabric ordered before the USPS raises the rates on the 27th, good deal!

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