UFO Progress: Fair and Square

I stayed working on my Fair and Square quilt.   I think after seeing a few of the blocks together last week and figuring out I can trim them to size and it wasn’t hard, I got the courage I needed to march on…and march I did.

All of the blocks are sewn….and about half are trimmed.


Trimming was an easy task for me to manage during nap time.  I do it at the kitchen island and can see into the rooms where the kiddos are all sleeping so it’s a perfect task for nap time.   Here’s the last one I trimmed. 

I did take quite a bit off each block leaving them at 14 1/2″ x 14 1/2″.  Remember…I am constructing mine differently as I hate layouts that are set on point.

Over the course of the four days, I trimmed and the blocks and they are ready to be sewn into a quilt top.  Happily I already have the border done.  I am anticipating a delay though….  I used a dark fabric to frame the blocks.  I think at one point I planned to use that fabric for the inner border  BUT it’s been so long since I worked on this that I think I’ve used up the rest of the fabric.  It’s not the end of the world.  There is another fabric that will work…but, I’m going to have to audition fabrics and dig through the stash to find what I need.  That part isn’t hard for me….it’s making the decision that is hard.


I’m hoping next week I have the center together.  I have other projects that need attention too but with this being only a 36 block quilt, I think it should go rather quickly.

You can find me back here next week with the next installment of the UFO progress report.

16 thoughts on “UFO Progress: Fair and Square”

  1. i love these blockis, which book is the pattern in? i know, i have too many ufo’s as it is, but i think i just might start another!!! i do finish them all in the end…………….

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  3. Stephani in N. TX

    Your Fair and Square is going to be beautiful. It has a Fall vibe to it, but really I think it’s just the deep rich colors. You rock with your juggling quilting, kiddo care, and all the other things on your plate. I have enjoyed opening several magazines in the last 6 mos since I moved into my new house and finding a quilt designed by you. Looking is all I’m doing but the quilt work will commence soon I’m sure.

  4. Jo, can you explain a little more about what you are doing differently to your blocks to
    get them into rows rather than diagonally? Like you I also prefer rows.
    Also, did you keep your scrap palette to a certain color range, and not just grab any
    Scrub in the tote?

  5. To Betsy, this is one of Bonnie K. Hunter’s patterns.

    These are beautiful, Jo! I don’t like blocks set on point either. I noticed you have had a spiral spine put on Bonnie’s book. I have been wanting to do that with several of my quilt and cook books. I am hesitate, afraid they will mess up the book (cut off some of the text or something). Any advice?

    1. Sally-Pick a place to do it that you trust. I really think if it’s a really bad mistake they would have to replace the book.

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  8. That one is setting in my pile of to be quilted. . .maybe I had better pull it out and get it loaded. I am also trying to get Naragansett Blues into a top—it has been challenging to me, but I am a fourth of the way done. Scraps have taken over my sewing room and I am trying to wrangle them back into control. Very time consuming, but sewing life should be easier once I am done.

  9. I have been working on my Christmas Hunter Star quilt. I think it will just be a wall hanging. So I am maybe half way done. I got asked at the last minute to make a quilt for the school auction. I do it with the preschool kids using their handprints. So that is front and center right now. But I did take a class yesterday with Tonya Alexander who came to our guild. We made the Pressed Leaves table runner. I am happy to say I completed the top last night and hope to finish it yet this week. And I bought another one of her patterns to do sometime using tumbler blocks!!

  10. Those blocks are stunning!! Sorry I don’t post UFOs on your link party, but I rarely have in progress stuff right now. Too many small items getting made at my house. That’s not to say I don’t have UFOs though, LOL

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