UFO Progress: Fair and Square

Friday morning I was up and at ’em early.  I had a doctor appointment in Lacrosse…I told you about that in last night’s post.  I had the day off but still wanted to accomplish something so I set my alarm for my normal time and got up and sewed!  It was perfect.  I had just enough time to sew this together….


Ruby was frustrated and couldn’t decide where to sit for the photo of the quilt top so she sat here….  Silly dog.


Okay…I’ll give a big picture with it laid out so you can see it better.


So far…I’m loving it.  But of course…I ran into a snag.  I need an inner border.  I want a fabric that is close of similar to the fabric that I had around the blocks…that fabric in the picture that makes the square in the block.


Originally I had bought enough of it…YARDS of it as I used it for the binding for many quilts….but I didn’t set any of it aside for the inner border for this.  UGH.  That’s a problem with UFOs…fabrics get set aside and used up.  I hate that….so now I am of the hunt for that fabric….or one similar.  I know that by looking at the picture it looks like it’s black but it’s actually a dark, dark blue with green “crosses” and a gold scallop.  I think it’s going to be hard to find a blue that dark, but that’s my mission.  This one is a Civil War reproduction…I think maybe a Jo Morton but don’t know for sure.

Kelli and I have plans to go to Forest Mills Quilt Shop near Postville.  We had planned to go a different day but I had to get home to take care of Carver.  I’m looking forward to going there anyway as they have a great batik selection!  I’ll snap some photos while I’m there and do a shop tour.  Hopefully, we’ll get there and I’ll find what I need.

So for now, this quilt top is on hold.

Well being this project is on hold, that means I need to pull out a new one and start working on it. Hmmm…I wonder what that will be.

12 thoughts on “UFO Progress: Fair and Square”

  1. Your quilt is very eye-catching! Hope you find the fabric you need for the border.
    Ruby is cute as ever. It’s good to see her again.

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  3. Just checked and mine is blue with grey (same pattern) I am going to the store where I purchased it on Saturday so I will see if they have the other color. I have 22″ and a fat quarter. It’s Andover pattern 7464 for Jo Morton. I have it in the olive green too, so I must have really liked it. If you would like to message the store directly with your photo, they are quick to respond.

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  5. 3 baby quilts quilted and binding on, another baby top done and a WHOLE lot of deep cleaning in the sewing room. Hope to get cleaning finished this weekend and get back to the sewing. Quilting my Fair and Square is up in the very near future. Love yours in the Civil War reproduction fabrics.

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