UFO Progress

Well…I made some progress.  I wasn’t sure I would made much progress with the mystery clue #1 to tackle.

You can see that the brown string blocks were all de-papered and trimmed over the weekend.  Yahoo.  It’s progress.

I used the pieces for a little lesson on counting and on shapes.  We practiced the shape named triangle.  I used anything practical that I can think of to add a little learning to our day.  I had the childcare kids help me count them into piles of 10.  It was good for my little ones to practice counting.


I had one of the older kids there too.  For her I showed he how to count by 10’s.  It was fun for her to see how many 72 was.  For a five year old, 72 is a big number.  I got the quilt book and showed her the directions at a glance so she could see what the number 72 looked like.  I asked her to look at the directions and tell me what she thought I needed to do next.  She looked and studied then told me I needed to sew them to the neutral triangles.

I’m doing what I can to stave off the “Why do we have to learn this.  We’re never going to use it.” thought.  I want to show them all the reasons why they need to learn math.  I also want them to see why it’s important to learn to read and follow instructions.  I want to show them adults need to follow directions too.  I love simple practical lessons.

So that’s my next week goal.  These brown triangles are getting sewn to the neutral triangles so I can have square blocks.  It’s not a big goal but one I think I can handle without too much stress.

Check back in next week and see if I made my goal.

15 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I’m not working on a UFO but I am starting another Bonnie Hunter quilt! I watch you as you did you Jingle Bell Square quilt and liked it. Then I got the new book and loved it. The problem is I already have a Christmas quilt I did with exchange blocks from the 90’s when I was part of the quilting guild on AOL. Then I had a flash! My 26 year old daughter’s favorite holiday is Halloween, so I am changing it to a Halloween quilt. Al I have to do is look thru my stash for some darker grey fabrics and I am off to the race!

  2. Your brown triangles are gorgeous!
    The kiddos look really interested. I’m sure they loved helping you… while learning ways math is needed in real life.

  3. I worked hard over Thanksgiving break to try and get Easy Street pushed to top, but missed my goal. I think I have 4 blocks left to make and then I can put it together. I did quilt and bind Grand Illusion. I also spend yesterday’s snow day sorting fabric and re-arranging my sewing space. BUT I am spending TODAY’S snow day at the sewing machine! :)

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  5. I was side tracked putting up Christmas decorations, etc. But I did sew a dress for my granddaughter and one for her baby doll

  6. Your childcare kids are so lucky to have such a thoughtful “teacher” like you. I am sure that they don’t even know they are learning because you make it such fun! The parents sure are fortunate to have you!

  7. I love how you have used your quilt as a practical way to help your little ones learn! I am a first time grandma, our little guy has come into the family at age 4. I love watching him because EVERYTHING is a learning experience! Had I tried to sit him down to do “math” I know there would have been a struggle, but every time he is here he goes to my sewing table and pulls out my tape and begins measuring everything he can get his hands on! Some day they and their parents will thank you for the gentle step into the world of learning! PS…love your triangles!

  8. Those brown string triangles look great! You’re making great strides on your UFO as well as in your teaching of young minds. We always incorporated learning into our lifestyle, adding it to our every day activities. I think children learn so much that way. Your childcare children are lucky to be in such a nurturing environment.

  9. Still working on Celtic Solstice. Need to piece the final 10 blocks and then I can start putting it together. Hoping to have it done this weekend.
    Still working on clue 1. 121 done, 100 to go.

  10. Those brown triangles are so rich looking! And so nice that you could use this as a learning tool for the children. What fun!

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  12. Happily, I have gotten my string spiderweb sewn into a top! I have my 221 neutral 4 patches done. Now I should pick out another UFO to work on.., maybe rick rack 9s.

  13. It is nice that you are teaching the “when you get older you’ll be glad you know how to do this”. I have never liked story problems but I do use that process when making quilts and when cooking – I work in a school cafeteria and we feed almost 400 everyday- so lots of math. Good luck with keeping the interest up in these kids about why everyday math is important.

  14. I’m working on a quilt, which hasn’t reached UFO status yet because I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. It is a WISP (work in slow progress).

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