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I had thought that I would quit working on UFOs once the mystery started.  I changed my mind.  Having to post something each Wednesday makes me do “just a little more” than I otherwise would have done so I’m sticking with it.  Granted I might not get much done as far as UFO progress as the mystery starts..but who cares.  Even if I only get a few blocks sewn on an old UFO each week, that’s still progress.  I’ll take forward motion anytime over having a UFO sit in the cabinet languishing.

I had decided that and then Angelia The Eclectic Abuela sent me a photo.  It’s her Pfeffernuse quilt finished.  WOW.  I love it.

You can read all about Angelia’s version here on her blog.

Seeing this is exactly what I needed to know I made the right decision on continuing to sew on my UFOs.

So…here’s my progress.  All of the brown string blocks are sewn.


Now over the next week my hope is to trim them and get them cut into triangles.  That’s a realistic goal.

For Thanksgiving all of our kids will be home.  We don’t do anything fancy, a meal and that’s about it.  I think Kayla is staying on for some Friday fun.  That will be nice.

Kalissa is a Black Friday shopper.  Kayla and I aren’t interested in that at all so we volunteered to watch Carver so she could go out and chase the deals.  I think in the end, time with Carver is really the best deal.

I’ll be able to squeeze some sewing time or crafting time over the weekend and that will be nice and relaxing which is exactly what I need.  I also have it on my list to try to tackle cleaning the basement.  As the weather gets colder it’s harder and harder to take the childcare kids outside to burn off some energy.  My hope was to clean the basement up and let them burn off some energy down there.  We have a cement floor and it’s unfinished so I can take the ride on toys down there and let them play.  I thought I would take the sand and water table down there too.  It will be nice to keep that mess out of the kitchen.

I’m super excited to have the basement to use but not at all excited about cleaning it up.  We kind of made it a bit of a dumping ground.  UGH.  So that’s my plans for the weekend…

Check up on me here next Wednesday and see if I accomplished any of my goals.

10 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I really enjoy your Wednesday UFO postings and has kept my Celtic Solstice front and center. Still not done, but a lot further along than it was. About 10 more blocks to make and then I can start putting a top together. I already decided to continue with it while starting the mystery.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

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  3. I stayed up until midnight last night, but I got Grand Illusion quilted and the binding on. I will try to get it tacked down over the holiday weekend. Easy Street blocks are up next-I need to make 14 of the main ones and 11 of the setting triangles. I do not have border fabrics in mind for that one.
    I ALSO love the Wednesday updates and it keeps me motivated to keep things moving along. I will either be using the NEW mystery to L&E OR a UFO to L&E the mystery. I have plenty of UFOs and I love seeing them move forward.

  4. Thanks for letting us participate in the challenge. I was happy to hear that you are continuing with the challenge. I had decided I am going to finish the quilt I am working on as I start working on the mystery quilt. I will continue linking up with you on Wednesdays.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Jo, You definitely picked the more fun “job” for Black Friday! I also would rather watch the “Grands” than fight the crowds! I’ll be tackling my Split Nine Patch quilt top and my Tumalo Trails top. Cleaning the house and some Christmas decorating will be thrown in for variety

  6. Thanks for keeping your Bonnie UFO challenge! I wasn’t able to join this fall, but my new year’s resolution is to work on my UFOs, so I’ll be able to join in! Love all the work you have been getting done.

  7. I am not into shopping on Black Friday either…cannot deal with all those crowds!!
    So I will be doing some hand appliqué ….
    I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving…enjoy your time with Carver!!

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