UFO Progress

I’m plugging away on my UFO projects.

Monday I told you that I had more or less put myself on a “no sewing until I clean the sewing room” lock down but sometimes a I have to finish some things to really get the cleaned up.  That’s the case with my Santa Fe String Star quilt.  I have the center done.  I have the borders done.  I need to decide what to do for a background.

I decided to pull some fabric and see.

The original pattern calls for a red background.  For some reason I was really hesitant about that.  I thought a cream colored might be safer…what do you think?


As long as I was laying it all out I thought I might as well grab some other pieces of fabric too.

Here’s what gold looked like.Hubby says no way to that.

Yes Ruby had to join in and be her glamorous self.


Here was blue.  It’s a batik.  I don’t really have any other batik fabrics in the project but that’s okay, right?


Hubby liked this option so I took a closer up picture too.


I admit to kind of liking the blue….but wait, there’s more options.

This was a dull red.


..and this was the bright red I originally bought.


Me, I like the blue batik or the bright red.  How about you?  What would you pick for a background?  I’m hoping to have this together next week….

You’ll find me right back here next week..the goal is to have this quilt top together AND to have the sewing room clean.  Can I do it?  I sure hope so.

70 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Good Morning Jo!! Its Wednesday morning already! Seems like just yesterday was Monday, Ha! I like the blue, of course!! Have fun cleaning your sewing room and deciding which fabric to use!!

  2. Hello Jo! I am leaning toward the blue for a background. I am trying to rearrange my sewing room, so I can sympathize with your cleaning. Have a great day!

  3. I like the color red, so I am partial to both of the red fabrics. UGH, it would be a very hard decision, especially with all of the hard work on the star! You want it to be just right! If it is any consolation, my sewing room needs a cleaning too. I sure wish I got as much done as you do.

  4. The blue – it’s calmer and let’s the star shine. The red is a battle where to look. Also the blue kinda makes it look like the star is floating on water. Good luck.

  5. The star and flying geese are so busy, they need a strong background color. The light backgrounds just wash all that string piecing out. I prefer the blue, although I would like it a bit more saturated. I like it marginally better than the red.

  6. Have only had one sip of that morning Dr Pepper, but loved that blue. The red would be another option. Fold those others and store them for another project.

  7. Mmmmmmm! I think I like the dull red and the blue. The dull red makes it look like an old quilt. I guess that my favorite. The blue is very nice too!

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  9. Tough choices…… I like the dull red best, then creamy dots and then the blue……but blue is my favorite color. To me the dull red makes the star pop out the best but then that’s my eyes not yours. ha ha. Good luck on deciding.

  10. I actually like the red best. For me, the blue gets lost against the star and is too busy. I think all your hard work on the strings shows best against the red. It is stunning and I can’t wait to see the end result!!!

  11. I like the dull red best. The blue color is great, but I think the pattern in the blue piece is too busy for the string star.

  12. I think the star really stands out on the blue. And, after all that work in the star it deserves to be shown off. Look forward to seeing what you decide.

  13. I am not normally a “red” kind of person, but I love the brighter red. The blue fabric itself is a pretty colour, but the pattern is quite busy. It seems to me it would be competing with the star and your borders for attention. Of course, whatever you choose will be lovely.

  14. I like the idea of blue and the shade you chose but I think that pattern is too busy this project. What ever you choose, its going to be fabulous!

  15. I agree with Mary Jo about the bright red. At first your eye goes to the brightness of the red, but because it is a plain fabric it make the star (with its many pieces) stand out. Of course now that I look at it again, I am wondering how a dark black fabric in the background would look.

  16. I like the dull red. Blue would be nice also, but I also think it is too busy. More of a solid blue. I am piecing a back for my Celtic Solstice quilt so that I can get it quilted. My neighbor girl is coming over this afternoon to sew on a quilt she is making for her mom. Will maybe start quilting it today.

  17. I am a bright red lover, but NOT for this project. I never liked it on Bonnie’s site either. Just doesn’t go, for me. I like ANY color better than the bright red. I especially like the cream with red dots and the gold. The star is beautiful and I love all the flying geese for the borders.

  18. I like the blue batik myself. It pops out more colors I think. But I’m a batik freak and have a huge stash of them, so I guess I’m a little biased! No pun intended!

  19. My favorite is the blue. It doesn’t compete with the star like the reds do, and it shows off the star fabrics. Your Hubby is right! (That reminds me of a family dinner years ago, when someone asked the women “What three little words do you most like to hear from your husband?” Aunt Virginia brought down the house with her answer: “You are right.”)

  20. I am going to be the odd ball out (no surprise there!), but in looking at the pictures, I think the star pops off of the gold a bit better than the other ones. I got all the blocks pieces for Garden Party cut out and a Easy as Cake quilt loaded on the frame. I desperately need to clean my sewing room, but I am not sure when that will happen. Headed down after supper to try and make some progress on something.

  21. Andresa / AndiRae in MN

    Interesting how people see different things. Right off the bat I did not like the cream or the gold. Also do not like the bright red; I find my eyes seeking out the light fabrics in the star to get away from it. My favorites are the blue and the dull red. The dull red makes it look like it’s already been around for years and my eyes see the circles made by the fabric pieces in the center of the star. With the blue, I see even more circles yet it’s very restful.

  22. I like the darker colors better, especially like the shade of the blue one, but the print on it seems too busy for me with all that’s going on in the star. I like the dull red better than the bright red, but I’m not a fan of bright res. Whatever you pick, it will be beautiful, I can’t wait to see the top completed.

  23. Definitely not cream or yellow, I agree with your husband. The blue looks OK but the bright red shows the star up best. After all the work that you put into making the star it deserves to shine, doesn’t it?

  24. I would use the blue or bright red for the background. Maybe a “walk on the wild side” with the bright red would be fun. I love Civil War and Kansas Troubles type fabrics, but always enjoy when I sew with brights to change things up a bit.

  25. Have you thought about a border around the star? Thinking lighter fabric like geese background if you use blue and maybe dark border with the red. With a border, it would make the star “pop” on almost any color of fabric. Just thinking…..No matter what you use, it will be and already is a wonderful quilt.

  26. If it’s not too late to comment, dull red would be my choice but whichever you choose I’m sure it’s going to look great.

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