UFO Progress

Well Texas Tumbleweeds got finished.  If you missed that, find it here.  So it’s time for a new UFO.  Earlier I had pulled Fair and Square but after I got the string triangles done, I left it again.  UGH!  So I had a little time so I started back up again.

If you remember, I said that I wasn’t going to follow the pattern and make the string blocks into separate blocks.  Instead I was going to add the string triangles onto the blocks.  Then they were a little big so needed to be trimmed down.


If I’m completely honest, I think one of the reasons why I left this sit again was because I was dreading the trimming of these blocks.  I got up a little courage and decided that worse case scenario was that I would have to redo a block…no biggie.  I figured out that I want the blocks at 14 1/2″…and that what I did with the three blocks I had sewn.  I laid them out on the floor hoping they might inspire me to get some more block done….what do you think?Fair-and-Square-11

I’m loving it.  Mine are done in jewel tone prints…not shirts like the original pattern.

My kiddos have been doing a good job at napping all at the same time.  So good that over the course of two days I got the rest of the blocks pinned and ready to be sewn.  I’m pretty excited at the prospect.


Most of all I’m glad that I got over my fear of trimming those blocks!!

You’ll find me back here next week. I’m hoping I have a few more of the Fair and Square blocks sewn. Little by little I’ll get it done!!

29 thoughts on “UFO Progress

  1. Chris Wells

    I am at the same spot you are with these blocks. I have the elements all sewn. they are set aside because I am frustrated with the trimming. With it getting cooler weather hope to get back at it soon. Chris

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  4. Nell

    I have not trimmed the center of Garden Party, so I can put the borders on. 1. I am scared of cutting off those triangles, making it a bias edge. 2. I don’t have border fabric picked yet. However, I am trying to finish 12 Bonnie’s before the new book in a bet with my mom, so I had better just get it DONE!

  5. Linda

    Love your blocks. The charcoal(or is it black) with a strip makes a good border for the centre of the block. I hate trimming! Almost as much as I dislike sandwiching a quilt ready for quilting.

  6. Catholic Bibliophagist

    I was wondering why you decided to do the triangles separately rather than the way shown in the pattern? Did it just seem easier? Sometimes I do certain steps in a pattern my own way too. So I was just curious about what you felt the advantage was.

    P.S, I love the jewel tone prints.

  7. Jeanne

    I love the blocks you are making! Jewel tones are my favorite. Anyway I could get the pattern for this UFO quilt? Thank you!

  8. Peggy Allen

    I love this block and intend to try it very soon!! My UFO pile is pretty big, and I love Red Work ( Sun Bonnet Sue). So glad I found your web sight. God Bless, Peggy

  9. Georgia Knight

    Hi I love your blocks. The square in middle is a great focal point & then all those string triangles really set it off. This is the first I’ve seen site. Sure I just missed it. Where can I find pattern for Fair & Square. Would love to use up my scrapes too!!! Great job, thanks for inspiring us.

  10. Jo Post author

    Fair and Square in is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. Find it in her Scraps and Shirttails book 2

  11. Pat

    This made me happy tonight. I cleaned out my sewing room last week & filled a big bin with my scraps. Do I burn them, give them,or stuff them. Now because of you I will sew them

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