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Well Texas Tumbleweeds got finished.  If you missed that, find it here.  So it’s time for a new UFO.  Earlier I had pulled Fair and Square but after I got the string triangles done, I left it again.  UGH!  So I had a little time so I started back up again.

If you remember, I said that I wasn’t going to follow the pattern and make the string blocks into separate blocks.  Instead I was going to add the string triangles onto the blocks.  Then they were a little big so needed to be trimmed down.


If I’m completely honest, I think one of the reasons why I left this sit again was because I was dreading the trimming of these blocks.  I got up a little courage and decided that worse case scenario was that I would have to redo a block…no biggie.  I figured out that I want the blocks at 14 1/2″…and that what I did with the three blocks I had sewn.  I laid them out on the floor hoping they might inspire me to get some more block done….what do you think?Fair-and-Square-11

I’m loving it.  Mine are done in jewel tone prints…not shirts like the original pattern.

My kiddos have been doing a good job at napping all at the same time.  So good that over the course of two days I got the rest of the blocks pinned and ready to be sewn.  I’m pretty excited at the prospect.


Most of all I’m glad that I got over my fear of trimming those blocks!!

You’ll find me back here next week. I’m hoping I have a few more of the Fair and Square blocks sewn. Little by little I’ll get it done!!

30 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I am at the same spot you are with these blocks. I have the elements all sewn. they are set aside because I am frustrated with the trimming. With it getting cooler weather hope to get back at it soon. Chris

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  4. I have not trimmed the center of Garden Party, so I can put the borders on. 1. I am scared of cutting off those triangles, making it a bias edge. 2. I don’t have border fabric picked yet. However, I am trying to finish 12 Bonnie’s before the new book in a bet with my mom, so I had better just get it DONE!

  5. Love your blocks. The charcoal(or is it black) with a strip makes a good border for the centre of the block. I hate trimming! Almost as much as I dislike sandwiching a quilt ready for quilting.

  6. Catholic Bibliophagist

    I was wondering why you decided to do the triangles separately rather than the way shown in the pattern? Did it just seem easier? Sometimes I do certain steps in a pattern my own way too. So I was just curious about what you felt the advantage was.

    P.S, I love the jewel tone prints.

  7. I love the blocks you are making! Jewel tones are my favorite. Anyway I could get the pattern for this UFO quilt? Thank you!

  8. I love this block and intend to try it very soon!! My UFO pile is pretty big, and I love Red Work ( Sun Bonnet Sue). So glad I found your web sight. God Bless, Peggy

  9. Georgia Knight

    Hi I love your blocks. The square in middle is a great focal point & then all those string triangles really set it off. This is the first I’ve seen site. Sure I just missed it. Where can I find pattern for Fair & Square. Would love to use up my scrapes too!!! Great job, thanks for inspiring us.

  10. This made me happy tonight. I cleaned out my sewing room last week & filled a big bin with my scraps. Do I burn them, give them,or stuff them. Now because of you I will sew them

  11. I LOVE this quilt! I just bought Bonnie Hunter’s Scraps and Shirttails I. Guess I’ll have to buy II. And of course you’re doing a great job on your blocks. Can’t wait to see the finished product! By the way, I SUFFER from the same fear of trimming. My Trash Quilt I is gathering dust because I dread/fear trimming to square it up for adding borders. In case you’re wondering, my quilt is so named because its mostly scraps that were either already in the trash or were so old, they almost were. But I rescued them & had a blast piecing it. And I did not want to call it my covid quilt. My grandmothers, great-grandmothers & aunts & Mom would be proud if they knew this quilt story! Keep on scrappin!!

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