UFO Progress

If you’ve been following along on my UFO progress you know that my Texas Tumbleweed quilt is on a rush order as it’s destine to be a wedding present for a wedding on SATURDAY.  Last week I showed off this finished top.


The goal was have it finished today.  NOT.  That did not happen.  Saturday morning I got up early.  I still had a charity quilt on the frame.  It was almost done with only a little more than one strip to finish.

I got that done, trimmed and off the machine.


Then I went to load Texas Tumbleweed but I hated all of the backings I had.  I went off to the quilt shop and did some errands….but I never got back to the quilt room.  Finally Sunday night after when I should have been in bed, I pieced the backing, ironed it and loaded it on the frame.

Early Tuesday morning before my doctor’s appointment for my shoulder (more on that later) I got a start on it.  So far, I am loving it.  I’m using a brownish-gold thread and it’s looking good.


My hope is to have it finished by Friday.  It’s going to be neck and neck to finish.  Saturday Kelli is coming and we were hoping to power sew the quilt we need to get sent out for publishing.  If I don’t have this done, that ruins those plans.

Somehow it will get done.  Worst case scenerio, I lock myself in the room one night after childcare until the quilting is done…and we order our pizza.

I love the quilt and can’t wait to show the finished product.  Check back here Saturday morning to see if I made it! Check next Wednesday too. I need to figure what UFO is getting attention next.

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  3. I’m full of excitement this evening for you to be able to hit your deadline for your Texas Tumbleweed quilt and o finally have it completed so you can move on to your next completion quilt. I admire your willpower to get all your UFO’s finished so you can move on to getting more quilts pieced and quilted. I’m also excited for myself as my husband bought me a Baby Lock Coronet Midarm machine. I’m both excited and scared to pieces since I’ve never used a Mid or Long arm machine before. But I reckon I’m more excited than anything else. BUT…. I have to get our spare bedroom made over before I can even get my Coronet out of the boxes

  4. Wednesday UFO……Garden Party using Crazy Mom Quilts first line of fabric called Good Neighbors. All cut out and ready to put pedal to medal, lol.

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