UFO Progress

Well I had both success and setbacks this week.  I started out with a set back.  I’m working on Texas Tumbleweed.  It’s in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


Last week I got one step done…

This week I got more done but I started out with a set back.  These were suppose to be for step G.  Yep.  I sewed the wrong.  UGH.  I’ll add them to the pieces I sewed wrong last week.  Who knows..maybe they can get together and make some type of quilt someday.


Happily I did go on and sew them correctly.


I even got them sewn into blocks….see?Texas-Tumbleweed-7

All of the blocks are sewn and I’m so happy.  I love these blocks.  I love the batiks and think they are great!!

I even had enough time to go on and start in on the next steps of the alternate blocks.


I need to keep working on these.  The wedding is on October 7th.  That isn’t too far away.  I have momentum on my side.  That always helps.  I’m hoping for a big sewing day this weekend.  As I’m writing this nothing is planned for that weekend so maybe I could sneak one day of sewing in.  That would go a long way on getting this quilt closer to a finish!!

Find me here next week. I need to have this close to a top by then if I’m going to meet my deadline.

7 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I put my sewing machine in a time out because I have too many waiting to be quilted and need to concentrate on that job. A friend took 6 tops to quilt for donation and it barely made a dent.

  2. Hi Jo,
    I love your Texas Tumbleweed blocks! I’m taking that class with Bonnie next month and am very excited to be working on it.

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  4. Hi Jo,
    As always I enjoy reading your blog. I haven’t done any machine sewing for a couple of weeks as I am in ND with my parents who are in the hospital. But I started a hand sewing project (which I said I would never do). It is called Smitten by Lucy Kingwell. I am also doing a project out of an old Quiltmaker magazine. I am doing it in redwork instead of applique. Love your Texas Tumbleweeds in the batiks.

  5. love Bonnie’s quilt patterns but can’t believe you are working on a deadline that is so close – that would drive me nuts – hope you get it done on time.

  6. Oh! How funny that Ana had to put her machine in time out! :) Sewing weekend with my mom starts Friday after work. . .trying to prep and pack for that. :) Made some small progress on May Flowers. . .

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