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Well I looked at the calendar and shifted gears.  I have a wedding coming up the first weekend in October and I don’t have a quilt yet.  Early this year a couple people laughed when I cut out a few quilts and then packed them away.  Well one of the those quilts is the quilt I planned for a wedding quilt…and now that I need it NOW I have it ready to sew…..Unfortunately, my sewing room isn’t ready to sew…


The show must go on though…..I don’t have time to clean it…so I just put the cut kit on top of the mess and started sewing.  This is the quilt I’m sewing:  Texas Tumbleweeds.  It’s quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


There’s my kit ready to go.  People often ask how I organize things….this is typically how.  Things are cut.  I label with the name of the quilt and the book it’s in.

Friday night of this week I pulled the kit and started sewing.  It was great to just be able to sit and sew!  I happened to grab brown rectangles and start in on sewing.  I had planned to skip ahead and to the “star” blocks first starting with the first step on the bottom left corner.


I sewed and sewed staying up late and SO happy I was tackling this quilt quickly…..then just before I was finished with the step, I got a funny feeling like I was doing something wrong.  Indeed I was.  I now remembered doing the same “boo-boo” when I cut things out.

Look careful at the directions and the color of them.  On step “F”, look at he color of the brown.  It’s the same color of brown as the brown that is a constant in steps A-E.  Back when I cut the quilt out I remember having the same problem.  I mistakenly thought that I needed to use that brown constant for step F.  NOPE.  I cut the brown constants to that size and put them in the flat but didn’t label that I wasn’t suppose to use them.  UGH…so I did the same thing all over again.  I mistook the instructions…AGAIN!


All the sewing I did was wrong.  How disappointing.

This is not the problem of the pattern.   It’s mine.  I tend to rely more on the “directions at a glance” than I do the actual words.  I did end up getting step “F” sewn the next morning.  Hopefully not more set backs for me…..If you have this quilt book, you might want to make a note on the pattern that the brown in step “F” is suppose to be scrappy, not the constant color.

You can find me back here next Wednesday….hopefully I’ll have some progress.

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  1. Jo, one thing that might help would be to get a red marker (or crayon) and draw a horizontal line across the page between letters E and F, and then take a yellow highlighter and highlight the words “Ladder Block” on letter D, and “Spinning Star” on letter F.
    That should help to keep the parts separate while you’re sewing.((hug))

  2. I’m not sewing on quilts at the moment, but I have been sewing for several orders that I’ve received. I hate cutting out projects too, so one morning this week, before I left for work, I cut out several projects, just so I could dig in and sew some day. Well, yesterday was that day, and boy did I get a lot done! Feels good!

  3. I have to be brave and trim the center of Garden Party and add the borders. It has been sitting in the living room now for 2 weeks. I did push through and finish all the sashing pieces for Thanks to You. 101 blocks left to make. I have a sewing weekend with my mom and some of her friends coming up, so hope to organized for that. I will mark my book, as that one is on my list.

  4. I tend to look at illustrations rather than letting the written instructions sink in.
    I will mark my book today. Thanks for your “fessing up”
    on the mistake, as you have helped me.

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  6. I have made the same kind of mistake but not recently. I guess you will be busy with the ripper. Hope you get done on time, that is a lot of sewing to get done and then the quilting too.

  7. That will be a lovely wedding gift. I have made the same mistake as you. No big deal- just use another similar fabric and consider it a design challenge. Bonnie would be proud of you, LOL

  8. You are a woman after my own heart. I rarely clean up, just push things aside to get to the next project. But I finally invested in a new sewing table and had someone help me move it in and switch my cutting table with my Platinum 16 Quilter and now my room is more organized. Still lots to do but I’m glad I made the investment. I probably would have left the items I sewed and made a different quilt with them. Press on!

  9. You’re one step..OK, a bunch of steps…ahead of me. I have a shower Oct.1 and I haven’t even cut yet! That’s today’s job…I hope

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