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I am darting away from UFO work today….well not really.

I have a stack of quilts here that are UFO status.  It’s all the charity quilt that blog readers have been sending my way!!  Yesterday I told you a bit about our son Karl and his predicament with student teaching in Houston.  I also told you that I fired up the quilting machine and went to work trying to finish as many quilts as I could for him to take with him when he went.    I showed you two yesterday…today I’m showing you three more.

As I said yesterday.  I grabbed whatever was on top of the pile.  I didn’t care what it was or size.  If there was a backing and top, that’s the quilt I did.

This one Colleen Hicks from Iowa donated.  She gave it to me when she attended the retreat we held in August.  It was a cute little top done in flannel.  It’s baby quilt size and Colleen had the top AND the backing for me.


Just a quick meander was the quilting design.  Pastel thread for the top and blue for the backing.  I had trouble finding a binding as I was trying to match the blues, then saw a wonderful orange that matched perfectly so orange binding it was!!


The backing was flannel too.  It was oh-so comfy.

The next top is from Maryanne Comly in Perkasise, PA.  This top was super bright and VERY fun.  It’s a great scrappy quilt mixing all sorts of brights.  This a lap-sized.


Simple straight line quilting was done on this….A variegated yellow to orange was used on the top.

charity-Karl-4 charity-Karl-5

The backing was a good lime green sheet with lime green thread.  This quilt was so fun to work on with the bright fun colors.  Some kiddo will love this one!

Next up is a quilt top done by Laura Hervey in Dallas, TX.  It’s a simple nine patch but oh, I liked it!  Sorry for the bad picture.  I had about 5 minutes to photograph all of these before Karl left.  I didn’t get a chance to check the images before he left.


I loved the quilting on this.  I had more time to do this one as I had it on the machine and started before the hurricane hit.  This is a “go-to” design for me.  If I can’t decided what to do, this motif often pops into my mind….see?

I had a perfect backing for this.  The colors matched so well.  Really, I couldn’t have gotten a better backing.  It was a flat sheet I found at the thrift store.  It was in excellent shape so I bought it with the hope of finding a top that would match it someday.


I also sent the baby quilt I did over the summer.  I thought it might as well be sent off and used rather than catching dust here.


All in all I sent out SIX quilts with Karl.  I hope that they are useful to people.

I’m hoping to get to some more charity quilts.  With physical therapy my shoulder is doing a little better.  It’s hard to not over do it….Having a sense of urgency and being careful all at the same time can be hard.

I’ll be back next week. I don’t know if I’ll have charity quilts to share or if I’ll be back to UFO quilting….or hopefully a little of each!!

7 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

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  2. Fired up the quilting machine… I love hearing that. Thank you for that extra effort to get some quilting done not knowing how your shoulder will take it.

  3. Center of Garden Party is together. So very excited! I also put together the center of a baby quilt out of gifted scraps. Thanks to You is moving forward as L&E-have 101 blocks left to make, but have a bunch of star points done, ready to trim them.

  4. They are all lovely looking and I know the people who receive them will be grateful. Love all those bright colors and great designs.

  5. Rosie Westerhold

    Oh, Jo, I SO hear you about the shoulder. Have had trouble with BOTH shoulders since February. PT really, REALLY helped. Keep doing your exercises faithfully, and you will get there.

    Now, I really, REALLY want to know what that go-to quilting design is! I LOVE it. Almost as much as the swirls by Jamie Wallen. Can you share? Pretty, PRETTY please? Looks like a Christina Camelli design. Perhaps I should just get out her book and check it out, but I would appreciate knowing the source of that design. Perfect for those quilts where you just don’t know what to do. I need a few more designs like that in my quilting toolbox

  6. Love the bright quilt with the lime green back. Praying with you that this meets the requirements for his student teaching. What area is he doing his student teaching in?

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