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Virginia Bound from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails I is on my front burner.  I’m having trouble concentrating on anything else.  I’m actually having to discipline myself to do other things…like the wedding quilt I got finished…and the charity quilts I want to finish.  Oh my.

My blocks are in several stages.  We took a car trip so I needed something to do as we traveled so …pulling the backing paper off happened.


Here’s my view…one nice stack of completed blocks and the open road.


Once home  I sneaked up to the sewing room and finished a bunch…these need to get trimmed but I am making myself wait until nap time one day this week.


I scrambled and got the rest of the blocks this far along….the centers are done and the first neutral string piece is sewn down…again, I am making myself wait and will trim these over nap time too.


If you have questions on the process of how I am making these blocks, check out this post.

I think that’s all the blocks I need for the quilt.  I am so happy to say that as now I can clean up part of the mess in the sewing room.  Working with strings is a messy business…but oh so worth it.  I’m loving seeing this one come along.  It’s long over due that this one get finished.

I kind of have made a bit of a goal for this to be finished so I can take it to our retreat for show and tell.  We’ll see.  I have other projects that need to get accomplished too…oh the life of a busy quilter!!

Catch me here next week. My goal…have the blocks all finished! YAHOO…I’d be so happy.

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10 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Well, Bonnie put out the new L&E challenge. Turns out I started cutting 1 1/2 by 5 1/2 logs for a scrap Split Rail when American Patchwork featured one on their cover in 2006. . .so that UFO is my L&E now. I got a binding on a little girl quilt as her family is moving to Panama City to do mission work. I also stayed up late last night and quilted a baby gift for a shower this weekend. I have also been pulling fabrics for the retreat quilts, now to find time to do some cutting. :) Progress, but I need more time in the sewing room.
    Love your Virginia Bound–that one is on my someday list. Thanks for keeping me on task to move UFOs forward.

  2. I attended your last retreat with Bonnie and had so much fun. I didn’t sign up this time as we recently moved to lake Mille Lacs. Life sure knows how to throw a curve sometimes. Next week I am having an artificial shoulder socket replaced. Unfortunately it was meant to be that I don’t get to have another fun time with all of you.

    1. OH Chris…I am so sorry that you got thrown a curve ball. Hopefully in a month or two you’ll be back to sewing.

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  4. Well, I’m not sure I’m doing this right.. I’ve read your blog posts for a long time, but never comment.. BUT.. I’m super excited because I get to come to your retreat this year! Can’t wait for the classes with you guys and with Bonnie! Love your quilts and all the Bonnie quilts that you make!

    1. You did it perfect Michelle! Make sure you introduce yourself to us!! We’re getting excited about the retreat too.

  5. Easy Street is calling my name, I moved the a few months after the mystery and never finished it…but I have several veterans quilts to finish first.

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