UFO Progress

I did it….Rectangle Wrangle is a top!  I’m so excited.  After last week I was little bummed because I came up short on blocks.  Can you believe I cut the last block out that I needed and then lost it?!  I cut out another and got it sewn.  Then I sat there and didn’t move until it was finished.  I was afraid I would set aside, miss count or have some other problem.

I wish you could see this in person.  It’s even better than it is in pictures.  I didn’t have a spot in the house to lay it all out ….this was the best I could do.

I ended up taking it to my bedroom and put it on my bed….What do you think?

Here the lighting wasn’t the best.  That’s okay.  The plan is to get this one on the machine and finish-finish it right away.  I think I am going to use this one as an alternate quilt for my bed…we’ll see what Hubby thinks of it once I have it all finished.

That left me needing to pull out another UFO.  I don’t know if I’m sticking with it but here’s Virginia Bound.  I have started organizing it.  I started with three finished blocks.  I am already up to 20!  I have more started but not trimmed and finished. I am excited to see that.  

I haven’t done all the calculations yet but I think I am enlarging this one so I need to fill in the spot on my paper noting how many block I need.  I always keep a note with what I’m working on like this….two things are listed….how many I need and how many I have.  It’s a quick way to see how I’m doing without counting and recounting all the time.  It also prevents me from having to look up how many blocks I need.


So far, I’m liking this project….Stop back next week and see if I’ve made any progress.

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21 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I finished the rectangle wrangle quilt too and it is my favorite one. Scraps look great don’t they?

  2. LOVE your finished top! Bed quilt for sure. Your stars border really puts a fantastic finishing touch on the quilt!

  3. Elizabeth V K

    Love your Rectangle Wrangle. I would love to make one; however, I know how much work it was and I’m not willing to commit.

  4. You are a marvel at sewing a quilt top a day!! How do you do it? It takes me forever to finish one baby quilt and I don’t have half the commitments you have! How do you do it?

  5. Rectangle Wrangle looks FABULOUS! I have been pushing pieces through for Thanks to You. Just finished quilting a QOV for the 4-H club project and am now going to go load one of mine. I have a bunch of tops floating around here and I need to commit to doing the finish-finish work. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  6. Great finish, Jo! That border really pops….When I first saw the border squares, I wasn’t sure I liked them, but now that the border is on, I love it!

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  8. Love that quilt and the border that you added is wonderful too and blends in so well with the rest of the quilt. Is this another Bonnie H. quilt pattern?

  9. Wow! it looks great on your bed, hope the hubby likes it. It sure looks like it belongs on a bed and getting used. Haven’t done much sewing this past week but today I will spend most of it in the sewing room.

  10. Stephani in N. TX

    Love the look of Rectangle Wrangle for your alternate quilt in your room. The black in the quilt makes your wood furniture and floors look perfect. What an accomplishment!

  11. I’ve finished up the charity tops you sent, and am making progress on some other things. I had a four day weekend, but didn’t get to spend nearly enough of it sewing! I did get my daughter her first experience on the long-arm. What fun to see her so focused!

  12. Wow! It’s beautiful! I have too many UFOs that need to be quilted. You’re encouraging me to get one to the machine and get it done. Then to repeat, repeat, repeat. If I can stay focused on just a couple a month, I would feel so much better.

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