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It happened.  The Zuckerwatte quilts came to a finish…well not a finish-finish…I have the tops finished though…see?


Remember I was making two of them so as proof both are equally as far along here’s a quick picture with them both.  Poor Ruby was so confused.  I’ve never laid out two quilts at the same time before.  She didn’t know where to sit…HA!!

I have to get backing together for these two tops and then onto the quilting frame they will go…The original pattern calls for a scalloped border and that’s my plan but I’m told that it’s best to scallop them after the machine quilting but in the meantime, I started on my next UFO.  Any guesses on which one?  This one…Rectangle Wrangle.  You can find the pattern in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II.

When I last left this project it was this far along.


It needed a whole bunch of Ohio Stars for around the border.   A couple of weeks ago I anticipated getting to this point and had cut out all the little stars over nap time.  It took me a whole week to get them cut out, as I can only grab a few minutes of time each day.  It was finally time to start sewing them.   I got the first one finished.


And I started a few more.  I love sewing these little cuties.


If I remember right I’ll need 56 all together.  That should keep me busy for a bit.

You can find me back here next week working on my UFOs.  If I’m honest, I’d rather work on my UFOs than my current projects.  I have no idea when that change came about.  I used to hate picking up and revisiting previously started projects.

14 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Love the pair of pink quilts. They will be a big hit with the children who will receive them as gifts. Good luck with the Ohio Star blocks.

  2. Those little girls are going to squeal with delight when they get those quilts!!! They are so cute, fun and oh so girly!!!

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  4. Can’t really seem to get focused. . .I have put some pieces for Midnight Flight through the machine. I am working on a t-shirt/memory quilt for a former student from her grandpa’s tees. I need to get the binding on my niece’s quilt. I have figured out that I need to make better notes to myself for my projects, if they are going to be abandoned for a bit. That makes the getting back into them a bit easier-if I know what I have done or what needs done yet. I love those Zuckerwatte tops and can’t wait to see them quilted and bound and making two little girls VERY happy!

  5. I am pretty sure the change to liking to finish my ufos more than current projects ( me too) came when you started a regular wednesday ufo challenge. I loved working “along” with you and a challenge. thanks so much

  6. I have been Roadtripping too much and my UFO’S have languished here at home. It’s sew easy to be distracted by New Projects. I’m trying hard to resist. Love Bonnie’s Free patterns.

  7. Finishing UFOs is almost always a good feeling….unless you don’t like what you’ve finished. I have all the blocks for My Blue Heaven done but when I laid them out I didn’t like them! I think there isn’t always enough contrast between the darks and lights so the pattern gets lost. It just looks like a pile of pieces. Maybe trying to decide if I should sash the blocks to calm things or just give it away for someone else to deal with! For now it’s back in the box for a time out!

  8. PS I love your Zuckerwatte and the girls will treasure them. Rectangle Wrangle is great and the stars are darling. Will be a beautiful quilt.

  9. Ruby did the best she could. . . . she was on both quilt tops at the same time! Smart girl.

    Your quilts are lovely. . . . .I have to get going with some cutting. . . DH and I have a class with Bonnie for Garden Party later this year.

    Have a lovely day.

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  11. I am finishing up my grandson’s quilt so that my husband can take it with him to Denver on Friday. Just have to bind it . Not sure what will be my next project to sew on. I attended Bonnie’s class a couple of weeks ago for Scrap Crystals. Might have to work on that a little bit. I got 5 blocks done in class and I want 12. Also have to start a wedding quilt for August.

  12. I love love love the pink quilts! They turned out amazing! The girls will be so excited to receive them. It is also fun to see which UFO you pick to finish each time. You have inspired me to dig out my neglected ones and because of that have finished several. I still have a couple left, but thank you for helping me to put them back on the front burner.

  13. You’ve got some great projects you are almost done with. The one with the Ohio star border must be using men’s shirts. I’ve seen several bloggers repurposing clothes again. It would make my mama proud. Thanks for the linky party. It’s always fun to visit.

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