UFO Progress

I managed to get a little bit of UFO sewing done on my weekend sewing stint with Kelli.

The TWO Zuckerwatte quilts are heading down the home stretch!  I have the long inner borders on the sides of both quilts.  The other inners borders and the piano borders are all sewn and ready to be applied too.


I’m VERY happy with the progress.  (This quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling)

I’ve told you before that I work really hard to plan my quilting to fit into my life.  Although I had enough time that I could have finished these tops, I left them as is.  Over the next week or so, during nap time I will pin the border in place and then at night, I will sew them on.

Being these quilts are so close to a finish I thought I better pull something else I could work on this week over nap time….I picked this….I know, it doesn’t look glamorous or interesting at all.  These are papers for Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Virginia Bound found in Scraps and Shirttails book 1.


I need to do some trimming on these and get them squared up so I can start sewing blocks.  It’s not a big job but kind of time consuming and the perfect nap time project.  I don’t know for sure if that means that this will be the next project of not…all I know is this has to be done before I can get to sewing on the quilt.  Small steps, even baby steps, add up over time.

You can find me right back here next week working on my UFOs. Happily all the work is paying off!!

As a heads up.  Saturday the 17th I am updating my UFO list showing the progress and additions I’ve made over the year.  I am planning a linky party so if you’re inclined to update you’re own list your can link up or leave a comment then.  For me, seeing my progress (or lack of progress) is often something I need to keep me going!

10 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. I’m amazed how many quilts you get done, and quilts that are ready to be started at anytime. You inspire me. Thanks for sharing your tips. I have many Bonnie quilts I want to do, and hope to apply your organization tips.

  2. Looks like Garden Party is finally going on the front burner (if I can stop looking at kaleidoscope quilts on Pinterest!). I’ve decided that Garden Party will be my niece’s HS graduation present and she walks next year. So, time to get partying!

  3. Hey Jo, I have to get more papers together to finish mine as well. I think we started this one in Moline with Bonnier in 2013! life, & other quilts get through the process in between mine is still a UFO as well, but a fun one too!

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  5. I’m working on a series of miniature blocks, still have 3 more to go but each block has many tiny pieces. I need all 6 blocks done by the end of the year so I have some time to finish them.

  6. Those pink quilts are fabulous. I know you probably won’t want to take pictures of the girls with their quilts, but I’d love to see their faces when they get a look at them.
    I’ll bet you get big hugs for this gift.

  7. I had a finish this last week. I attended a wedding on Saturday. A couple of weeks ago I decided to make a lap quilt for them. I had everything ready for a pattern called “Pegs”. It sewed up quickly and I finished it Friday night!! Next up is my grandson’s quilt. After that I need a quilt for a wedding in August. And always lots of other projects that can be finished up!! I am trying to slow down and enjoy the process.

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