UFO Progress

I’ve slowed a touch on my UFO progress.  The garden kicked in and I’ve had some overnight company along with a few long days of childcare.  I have progress though.

You might remember that I am working on my TWO Zuckerwatte quilts.  The pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

I’ve been working on the string portion of the blocks.  Here I’m trimming and cutting on the diagonal to get the triangle pieces I need.


My trusty side kicks (childcare kiddos) where ready and willing to help de-paper the pieces.  See?I don’t know why but the kids love doing this!!


Looks like it’s time to start in on sewing some blocks.


I still have a few more neutral sections to sew but block assembly started anyway.


I don’t have too many done but I have progress and right now, that’s all I care about.


It’s amazing how much long it takes when I’m making two of the same quilts at the same time.

I’m hoping to have all the blocks sewn next week and dare I hope to have one row sewn together. It will never happen if I don’t make a goal so…that’s the goal. All the blocks finished and one row sewn together!

7 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

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  2. love all your scrappy progress – you do so much and to fit in so much quilting is a plus for you – I know working around kids and in spare time takes a bit of organization (I used to do child care many years ago)

  3. You are making progress and I wish I had some children who wanted to help me tear the papers off. There going to be truly sweet quilts when done.

  4. What a happy quilt. I had a hard time making blocks for one Bonnie Hunter quilt, I can’t imagine making two at the same time. I have been outside doing yard work, so no sewing time at all this last week.

  5. Looking good! How special that 2 of the childcare kiddos get to help with the quilt you’re making for them! Start ’em young! ;-)

  6. I got the nephew’s grad gift into a top. And now my summer grad class has started, so my machine time will be very limited. At least until my school year is finished. . .1 more week with kids and then to make up all the snow days that made me so happy earlier in the year. . .SIGH.

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