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I’m really happy with how I am doing on my UFO quilts.  Did you see my post from last Friday?  My Blue Skies quilt got finished.  If you missed it, follow this link.

I moved on and started in on Zuckerwatte.  This quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  I have two childcare kiddos that each want one of these quilts…so what am doing?  Making two at once.  That’s not too bad considering I usually make quilts bigger.  This time I have to make two quilts that are each the size listed in the pattern.

Last week I told you that I had just started on this.  When I picked it up to start working on I have the half square triangles done and that’s it.  Well now I have all the half square triangles sewn together into the units that go diagonally through the blocks.


The block is a variation of a block that I know as a corn and beans block.  I made a “corn and beans” block quilt for Kalissa for her wedding.  I’m adding a picture if you don’t remember it.


At the time I vowed never again.  Well the corn and beans block quilt is what the childcare girls wanted so….I tackled it again.  This time so far, no problems with it at all.   Bonnie’s instructions are so much nicer so I didn’t have trouble twisting and turning the pieces.

I get asked so often why I sew so many Bonnie Hunter designed quilts and not others…this is one of the reasons.  Her directions make sense to my brain.  I LOVE the directions at a glance.  They make quilting so much easier for me.

Anyway…now that the diagonal part of the block with the half square triangles is together in a unit I can move on to the string blocks.  Here’s how far I got on them….Zuckerwatte-2

If you can see that counter it says 78 meaning 78 are done.  I need two more and the pinks will be sewn.  Then I’ll be moving on to the white string blocks.  I have a jump start on those as my friend Nell sent a few to me.

It’s funny when I sew UFOs…I pick them up and start drudging and sewing through them then suddenly something sparks and my want to finish then flashes.  This one is flashing and I’m building momentum.  I don’t think these are going to take very long for me to finish them……..we’ll have to see though.  Eventually it is going to quit raining, dry out and I’ll need to get outside to do yard work and garden.

You can find me right back here next week…I’m hoping I have the white string blocks sewn and am starting on piecing the borders. Although I am FULL of momentum right now, I’m a little bit afraid that once I get one quilt top together the momentum will fade so I’m planning on sewing all the pieces I can including the borders before I assemble the tops.

8 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

  1. Those are going to be lovely quilts and it is so sweet of you to make them for your child care kiddos. You are a rel treasure!
    I’m so relieved to see you back tonight! I was worried this morning when your site was down. My morning coffee doesn’t taste right without you!

  2. Getting ready to sew the last of the blocks on my niece’s quilt. Have a Fun With Bricks about ready to go together, too. I need some uninterrupted sewing time. . .have not been so good about getting up early this week.

  3. Tried your site this morning – it was down. Bummed.

    Sooo happy to see it working tonight! Love the pinks in the Zuckerwattes. The kids will be thrilled!!

  4. Glad to see you back. Missed reading your blog this morning with coffee. I’m anxious to see the pink quilts finished. I’m sure the girls will like them when they are finished.

  5. Oh, My! Such a lovely array of beautiful pinks; the quilts will be wonderful. Can’t wait to see your interpretation!

  6. Those two kids are going love their quilts, such a treasure from you to them. I also think that Bonnie does a great job writing her patterns, her books are wonderful to look thru again and again.

  7. I love the pinks you selected for the childcare kiddos quilts – so bright and cheerful. Not much progress on a quilt this week, but did get the fabric stash a little more organized. It always feels good to clean up a little bit. The floor space in the room was getting smaller and smaller — too many piles and bags of fabric everywhere.

  8. Love the pinks for the quilts. I made progress on my Star Gazing quilt after seeing yours. I could not find a green and black I liked for the sashing, but I used your idea and did beige and black. Love it!! Center is done, now I will start on the borders. I also quilted Bonnie’s leader/ender challenge from a couple of years ago. I put fleece on the back. This will be my couch quilt.

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