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Last week I told you that I was indecisive wondering which project to work on..my Blue Skies quilt or my Star Struck quilt…well, guess which one won out.

Blue Skies did.  It’s officially a quilt top.  It needs to be ironed but I quit there.  Ironing is something that is really easy for me to do in the afternoon when the childcare kids are sleeping.  You can find this quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  It was lots of fun to make and not super hard.  You have to be willing to sew triangles though.


I’ve heard from people that triangles aren’t a favorite of theirs…oh think of the quilts you’re missing out on making if you don’t do triangles.  Don’t expect perfection and just give it a try.

Rather than iron that top, I decided to use the rest of my sewing time to start in on assembling the Star Struck quilt top.  Here’s how far I got….

I’m hoping that by next week this will be a top.  That might be ambitious thinking as the weather here is finally perking up and more outside works needs to be completed.  I’ll still be up early in the morning sewing so maybe it will get done.

Stop by next week and see if I got my Star Struck top assembled…and stop by on Friday…I have a quilt that should be finished.

12 thoughts on “UFO Progress”

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  2. I also love all of your Bonnie quilts. At the moment, I am working on “Homey Triangles” by Mary from the Chicken Scratch blog. I thought I’d be smart and use my 6″ Qube with my Accuquilt cutter. The tiny triangles are still giving me fits. The HST squares don’t want to be square when put together. A
    And of course, like you, I want to make it bed size instead of a mini quilt. Help!

  3. Both of those are on my want to list-I have a cross stitch UFO closer to done and I started an afghan to finish before graduation. I did quilt a grad gift and a baby gift, now to get bindings on, so I can call them FINISHED! I am hopeful that this weekend I can get some sewing time.

  4. I broke my wrist a couple weeks ago so I haven’t been able to sew yet. Yesterday I bought a Slidelock ruler so hopefully I can cut some fabric, then use the Accuquilt. I WILL figure out a way to sew this week! Congratulations on finishing your quilt top. The colors look beautiful.

  5. I finished the middle of my grandson’s quilt. Now to decide if I need one or two borders to make it big enough for his twin bed. I started Rick Rack Nines from Bonnie’s book as a leader/ender. I need to cut some more pieces to continue on the hour glass leader/ender challenge of Bonnie’s.

  6. Wow! I’m often amazed at the designs that can be made with simple shapes. Just changing colors or layout results in so many awesome quilts. Thanks for sharing your quilting inspiration eit us.

  7. Wow – look fabulous. I love the blue/white/yellow combination. I am also quite partial to the barn raising pattern. Another fabulous finish for you Jo!

  8. Star Struck really looks different with your sashing! I like it very much. Bonnie’s original pattern, with no sashing, is a bit too busy for me.

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